Description Of Women Born On November 11th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 11th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Life algorithms of a woman born on November 11th of leap years greatly remind of a border guard on duty; only her duty never ends—she is an eternal watchwoman, a person who constantly looks ahead. She watches and closely monitors everything that happens around her. She keeps an eye on acquaintances and strangers, men and women, everything that occurs, time and space. It is as if from birth someone gave her this cross, put it on her shoulders and she did not resist, and since then all her life she voluntarily bears the mission of being “the number one guard.” This woman lives like a spy behind enemy lines: always alert, always watching over everyone. If it was up to her, she would put turnstiles everywhere in order to know who is where, when and why by the minute. And, she would install chips and “bugs” in others, who are not within the range of her visibility and control. Her insight also helps in this. She literally sees through the surrounding people and situations with her all-seeing eyes: “I can see through you, my friend!” However, her mission does not end at this. She must show “the light of day,” speak out, vocalize, present to people all the information that she extracted. One should not even hope that the information she obtained will be kept secret. Since the goal of all of her observations and investigations is that everything has to be not only clear and understandable to her, but also maximally open, obvious, transparent to all others. And, in her aspiration she will outdo any prosecutor by one hundred points. From the looks of this woman one would not think that the most humiliating definitions, malevolence, slander and even deliberate defamation can come out when she opens her mouth.

This woman declares that noble people (to whom she wishes to belong) never do anything in secret. She keeps an eye out to ensure that within her sight there would be no behind-the-scenes, secret intrigues, withholding of facts, meanness, cunning and secrets, and that all human relationships would remind of a clear lake, where one can see the bottom. And, without hesitation she will bring into the open those people, who try to cloud this “lake.” This is what this woman guards. She wants everything to always be clear like on a clear morning or a bright day. With such desire for honesty and purity, this person knows very well that in its purest form the phenomenon of honesty and openness is not observed in nature. There are only episodes. The following saying exists not for nothing: “Even the sun has spots!” And, this means that it is necessary to look for and find these “spots.” No one will be able to avoid falling under the suspicion of this Stierlitz in a skirt. She suspects any person simply based on the fact of his or her existence and any actions. She can ask the following with an absolutely childlike directness: “Why did you shower me with compliments today? What do you want?” And, she will do it in such a winningly open and benevolent manner that her interlocutor will not even want to take offense—that is how enchantingly captivating and beautiful she is in her simple immediacy. However, this does not mean that the investigation of hidden motives gets delayed! On the contrary! Now with passion she will try to find out every detail about what led a person to make so many compliments! Otherwise, on what basis to blurt out the plain truth?! A woman born on November 11th of leap years is not a fan of groundless accusations. On the contrary, she will check and double-check everything before calling someone’s bluff! However, first, she can be a simpleton enchantress in order to relax the “suspect…”

Like a medieval knight of the Holy Sepulchre, like a light, but formidable spirit, she storms bastions of darkness, lies, and deceit fearlessly and relentlessly. Continuously and tirelessly she advocates for the good, the enlightenment, open and romantic feelings, love and an idea, which necessarily must be spiritual, or at least soulful! She seeks to be a bright guiding star. Pure, blameless, brightly shining in the night of human vices and passions, she wants to illuminate all the dark corners of this world. She wants to be a luminary, a beacon, which shows where everyone must sail. She thinks that it is necessary to sail toward the bright future. No one has ever seen that “bright future” and this woman herself does not believe in it. It is just that she simply likes everything romantic! She understands very well that world peace and prosperity are impossible, illusory. However, she thinks that this does not mean that one should not seek them fearlessly and openly: “I am coming for you!” She uses all means in the struggle for truth and justice. At the same time, she often demonstrates rabidity and shamelessness all the way to impudence and open cynicism. And, she urges others to leave cowardice and pity for the enemy behind. She thinks that goodness cannot be defended otherwise. Her activeness greatly reminds of actions of ardent communists, when all who did not get under the banner of the bright future of communism were put against the wall…

Calls for goodness and commitment to a brighter tomorrow are just declarations of a terminator, a fighter for justice, who uses such slogans in order to gain power as a possibility to rule over everyone and everything, to do whatever she wants.

At first glance, it is possible to assume that a woman born on November 11th of leap years stands for open, honest, and clear relations. As a follower of Felix Dzerzhinsky, she insists that it is necessary to have “a cold mind, a warm heart and clean hands,” but it is not so at all. She is no stranger to secret affairs and secret passions. However, in order to hide them—a mask of an ardent, militant legalist is necessary. In order to get her to throw off the mask and show her true face it is necessary to make her very angry. Her gift of transformation helps her hide her true face. With the help of this natural gift she easily manages to wear not one, but several masks. One of them is the mask of simplicity and openness…”

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