Description Of Women Born On November 2nd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 2nd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on November 2nd of common years does not live, but burns, shines, and lives according to the principle “shine always and everywhere.”

She is a person, who cannot be substituted with someone else and without whom other people simply cannot live. Similarly to how all planets in the Solar System revolve around a single star called the Sun—in the same way other people revolve around this person, each in their own orbit. The Sun qualifies as a Star because it has parameters, which all other planets do not have; it is the same with this person: there is she as a star and there are her fans. And, this is the function of this person. Since if there is no one and nothing around a star, then its existence loses meaning. Each planet in the Solar System lives on its own and has its own capacities. And, by themselves these guys are not weak. By analogy, this individual seeks to “star” being surrounded specifically by powerful people, those who have power and control over other people’s fates in different social strata.

That is, a woman born on November 2nd of common years is a peculiar mastodon, a serious individual, whom it is simply impossible not to notice or to forget since she is a star, who loves when some powerful people revolve around her and depend on her. Therefore, being in some social stratum, this person carefully watches to ensure that she is surrounded only by people from the category described above and some, so to speak, “small and insignificant people” do not swirl underfoot.

Naturally, she realizes that not only she can illuminate and give warmth, but can also burn; sometimes she causes people to enjoy contact with her like with warm sunshine and other times people must be very careful in order not to get burned.

This star cannot exist without those people whom she influences. Being by herself is not the principle of life and functioning of this person. An audience must be present: fans, viewers and listeners, who give this person self-sentiment of that she is needed, necessary and that without her everything that can break down will break down for these people (their life “orbits,” their composition, etc., up to complete destruction of the entire system of relations of this person). Therefore, she is, so to speak, “god and queen,” without whom others cannot live.

She is like a bonfire: if it is not there, then it is useless to hang a pot with water and vegetables over it because it will never become a soup, and after a while will either rot or dry out. Naturally, this state allows this person to be completely intoxicated with herself as a fundamental, basal, all-powerful individual. However, this will be the case only if instead of emptiness there are people mentioned above around here.

It turns out that a woman born on November 2nd of common years is not just an individual without whom others cannot live: she cannot live without them either. She is in a close interrelation with her circle; she is a part of this system.

Basic foundation is the ability to choose the sphere of influence in any social strata, on all six factors (intellectual, emotional, nutritional, physical, sexual and environmental) and act according to the following principle: “I do whatever I want and it is not my fault if you failed to hide.” Remembering the famous performance by Marilyn Monroe on President John F. Kennedy’s birthday (namely the song “Happy Birthday, Mr. President” that she sang), it is possible to say that no one could pass by her shine. Considered individual also wants and is capable of having the same kind of influence on others as Marilyn Monroe’s self-presentation with her radiance, with her brilliance, with that orgasmic sensation that she spread from the inside of herself onto every person in the audience and who listened to her sing. This person thinks that when she goes out anywhere surrounding people simply must pay attention to her and their state must change so much with her appearance that they will never be able to forget this. However, this person not only can appear, but also can disappear. And then surrounding people as if “fall into darkness”: sadness, longing and sorrow; since without this individual they are as if without the Sun—it is dark, damp, not cozy, uncomfortable, scary, etc. And, it is characteristic of this person to present herself as an individual, who is not just some Hollywood “starlet” or queen for a day, but someone who exists through the ages, leaves deep and strong impressions in the human community, and for whom people have a strong need, forever.

This individual is the etalon in everything; moreover—without any efforts, in an offhand manner.

Quality of this person also shows that this person is emotionally relaxed, natural and will control all emotions of others, as well as resolve any of their intellectual problems. Emotionally, this person shines in all her emotional manifestations…”

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