Description Of Women Born On November 22nd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 22nd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on November 22nd of common years creates a sense that she is a cup-bearer. As it is known, such profession existed in antiquity. A cup-bearer was an officer in charge of drinks, whose duty was to pour and serve them to the banqueters. However, it is not necessary for this woman to be someone like the head of the wine department, a director of wine and vodka distillery or a waitress at a pub; a cup-bearer is rather her philosophy. Being convinced that “In vino veritas” (“In wine there is truth”), she turns to wine on any occasion and tries to cure others from all illnesses and problems using that same remedy. However, this is not some banal drunkenness or making drunkards of others. Considered individual simply offers her medium to solve problems, which is one of many. Moreover, not only does she pour alcohol with pleasure and passion, but she also behaves like the head of a substance abuse department or а detoxification center, who closely monitors possible consequences after the process of consumption. In ancient Rome those, who performed this function also engaged in controlling alcohol consumption. Taking place within the cultural traditions and civilized communication, wine consumption was a serious event, which had a deep meaning. Wine cellars, basements, vineyards, grapevine, the so-called “fire-water” of the indigenous peoples of the Americas—in many cultures these were associated not only with celebration and fun, but also, by and large, with a peculiar cleansing of psychophysiology from physiological and psychological toxins (for example, cleansing of emotional and intellectual spheres from restrictions). Therefore, if there is culture of drinking, then under the watchful eye of this woman such cleansing of both brains and the gastrointestinal tract can be very useful in some cases.

It should be noted that a woman born on November 22nd of common years is a great expert when it comes to so-called “brainwashing,” as well as readjusting content of the intellectual sphere of others. The mechanism of this function is as follows: since this woman “suffers” from, so to speak, verbal and literary incontinence, she literally drowns others in information. There is so much of her that other people’s heads literally start spinning from communication with her. Like a radio station that is on 24 hours a day, she is capable of talking and chatting about something nonstop. The character of her chatter is usually defined as follows: about everything and nothing, but a lot. In communication processes she floods with a lot of questions, topics, and discussions. A peculiar effect of her actions is a strange influence similar to anesthesia: a few units of the substance and “the client starts drifting,” so to speak. As a result that what was present in her opponents’ minds prior to speaking with her—disappears to somewhere, as if it gets washed away. They start confusing words, forgetting things (for example, why they got engaged in the dialogue and what they wanted), etc. These are the effects of this woman’s lexicon, the nature of her statements, way to converse and present information. By cooing nonstop she is capable of readjusting the other person and making him or her think and act in the way that she wants. She can use this ability in various fields and it makes her a competent psychologist, politician, ideologist, art critic—in other words, an individual, who forms a personal opinion or an opinion of a social group. However, the principle of action will be the same everywhere: a flow of often unstructured information in a particular form with the goal of forming an opinion that she wants to form. Also, it is possible to suppose with great certainty that she is the one, who invented the so-called “placebo effect,” when only due to the right “tuning” or infusion human psychophysiology really starts to work wonders.

This individual is characterized by extreme instability and fantastic impermanence. “Sail the seas, ride the waves, here today, gone tomorrow.” She is unsteady in everything: in her emotions, preferences, behavior, moods, and states. Indeed, such behavior often seems incomprehensible and irrational. At first this woman is hyperactive, rushes somewhere like crazy, smashes everything in her way, and then she lies on the couch like a sack of potatoes for days. At first she is a physicist, then a lyricist, then an artist, then a saleswoman inflating the price of the goods, then a philosopher, and then suddenly becomes a prostitute. At first she sunbathes while lying on hot sand under burning sun all day, and then she hides under an umbrella, so that not a single ray of sunshine would get her. At home she behaves in one way and completely differently in the presence of other people. At first she persistently follows some sports training, for example, attends a figure skating school, and then forgets about skating for years. At first she is slow like a turtle, and then develops fantastic speed. At first she has insomnia and desire to go for walks in the moonlight, and then she has no problems with sleep and can sleep through most part of days; at first her dreams are vivid and she has nightmares, and then she does not dream at all. At first she persistently tries to achieve something by any means, and then she stops and lets things just take their course. At first she surrounds herself with a huge number of people and cannot imagine herself without them, and then she declares that being alone is the best thing one can think of. At first she smokes, and then she quits smoking. At first she is indifferent and cold, and then she becomes passionate and kicks up a fuss. At first she is neat, groomed, combed, modest in behavior, and then she becomes loose and sloppy. At first a woman born on November 22nd of common years is a terrible moralist in matters related to sex, and then she engages in unbridled debauchery…”

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