Description Of Women Born On November 27th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 27th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on November 27th of leap years is reliable and thorough. These qualities make others feel that she can always be relied upon, like a cliff behind which it is always possible to hide and lean on: this person will always help. In addition, she is very meticulous, scrupulous, and pedantic; as they say: a bore, a pain in the neck. Her algorithm of actions can be compared not even with a woodpecker (which takes two years to make himself a hollow), but rather with a perforator, which drills and drills, beats and beats on the same spot over and over again. The only thing is that “drills” of this “perforator” change: first a thick one, then a thin one, and then even a thinner one… This person functions according to the method of multiple repetitions: carries out any action drop by drop, systematically and consistently. The proverb “Water hollows out a stone” is about her. She has different tools for different situations and goals, but the principle is the same in all factors. In the physical factor this might manifest during physical training, when she works on the same motion until she sweats; or when she plays musical instruments such as the drum, tom-toms, or a contrabass or desperately bangs on a keyboard. In the nutritional factor, she will enthusiastically prepare chops and crack nuts. In the intellectual factor her opponent will persistently get bombarded with facts, arguments, until she finally defeats him or her. In the environmental factor it can be any activity (including professional), which includes actions such as beating, hitting, pounding with persistence and purposefulness; for example, she can be a stonecutter or a villager, who works with a pick hammer from morning until night. In harsh weather conditions (which she loves very much), she will easily and tirelessly chop wood or stun fish.

If a woman born on November 27th of leap years gets into the political arena or law, then she is capable of torturing with petitions and motions. And, if she is an ordinary citizen, who seeks to get, for example, some benefits, then she will make everyone, so to speak, stand on their ears with her persistent and purposeful movements from office to office, monotonous repetitions of her request until she is satisfied. Even if she becomes a robber, she will not change this principle and will hit her victim with something on the head in order to take possessions.

In the process of educating the masses (which she loves to do) this person will not only brainwash others until their brains shine, but also can exhaust anyone with her instructions, tips, advices on how to get on the “right path,” and she will do all also this with the persistence of a woodpecker (perforator). People can think whatever they want about this quality of hers, but it is specifically this quality that allows a woman born on November 27th of leap years master her skill and her original style in various fields to perfection and constantly improve them…”

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