Description Of Women Born On November 28th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 28th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on November 28th of leap years is a prosecutor, a lawyer, a judge and even an executioner “all-in-one”: she will prosecute, defend, make the final verdict, and carry out the sentence herself. This woman is a litigious person, for whom there is nothing better than using one of her hypostasis to participate in all kinds of lawsuits, criminal cases, court proceedings, sentencing, criminal showdowns and “rendezvous.” She is always interested in judging, suing someone, accusing and listening to accusations, and attending court sessions in some capacity. Moreover, it does not matter to her whether she is a judge seated in a chair in a judicial robe or a defendant sitting on а felon’s dock surrounded by guards. It does not matter to her whether she is the one under investigation or a detective, a lawyer or a prosecutor, a criminal kingpin in a cell or a public official in the prosecutor’s office or the interior ministry, whether she lynches a guilty accomplice like a seasoned felon by thrusting a “feather” that she is holding between her fingers or torments prisoners using refined techniques like a master of torture. It does not matter whether she is a warden in a women’s prison, who does not care about conditions, in which prisoners are held or a moll, who does not care about the penal code—the important thing is that either way she is in her place. Her place is this entire system—both sides of the fence.

Considered individual is a human- stencil, a human-standard. Why think-up something, reason or think? Christ (Lenin, Zarathustra, don) said it and that is it! She thinks that human destinies are ruled by laws, when everything is in order, and everything and everyone are in their place. Since everything in the world is ruled by law and discipline—if you know and understand laws, then you know and understand everything! Therefore, prior to taking some action, she will first inquire about what the laws are in that area. The first thing that she always interests in any undertaking is: “What is the overall approach?” Once she finds out, she will learn everything by heart in order to feel confident and calmly do her job in accordance with the acquired knowledge. If she is a lawyer, then she will lay emphasis on any kind of law (civil, criminal, tax, customs, etc.). For example, a woman born on November 28th of leap years will state that “Everything must be done according to the law!” Or “If something is prohibited, then there should be a corresponding article!” If she decides to become a Christian, an Islamist or a Buddhist, then she will live by the laws of the chosen religion. It will be the same with philosophy, esotericism, magic, science… Essentially, no matter who she will become—she will live by already existing laws or laws thought up by someone some time ago: whether it will be the laws of nature, geometry or physics, laws of space, occultism or astrology, etc. She is a person of law, method, technique, way, style. Considered individual studies methods, examines them carefully and follows them exactly. For example, if she becomes interested in singing or ikebana, then first of all she will look into existing schools and their laws. She will begin her judiciary practice by studying the Roman law and outstanding individuals, who made their historic contributions to this. Even if she decides to simply go to a church and light a candle, first she will find out the rules of praying, rules of going to church, as well as all information about the methodology of rituals of this religion. This is a person of recipe, a person of rules.

This woman necessarily must have a stencil, an exemplar in her life, which, from her point of view, simply needs to be followed: it can be Buddha, Einstein, Paganini, Sonya Golden Hand or the Pope. Why wonder how to do something right? Everything is already there in human history, everything has already been conceived, established, and moreover—tested by time. Teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, traffic laws, Zoroastrianism, and three pillars of the criminal life (“do not believe, do not fear, do not ask”) together with a huge set of laws, by which thieves live—choose what you want! Use the scientific jargon, Old Church Slavonic, the language, in which the Bible was written, or talk slang—it is your right to choose and there are many choices! However, this woman thinks that once you choose—kindly abide by the laws! Once she chooses something, a subject or an entire system—it becomes the subject of her entire life, the subject for imitation. Therefore, if she selects some source or faith, then she will be implacable and merciless toward adherents of a different creed. Once a woman born on November 28th of leap years studies and comprehends the laws—she begins implementing them. She is ready to live according to army regulations and she demands discipline from others. In discussions and polemics, she usually refers to someone great and confidently states: “Here is an exemplar!” And, as an argument she quotes well-known luminaries. However, this woman’s teachers are not from the modern period because she thinks that someone’s teaching can be true only when it is already tested by time…”

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