Description Of Women Born On November 3rd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 3rd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A characteristic trait of a woman born on November 3rd of common years is the following: either she extols, respects, honors someone or experiences the same towards herself—she puts herself on a pedestal, makes herself the corner-stone, almost deifies. From her point of view, if there is no worthy person in her surrounding, then this woman makes a fetish out of herself and thinks that the following definitions are applicable specifically to her: “senior”, “number one”, “the most authoritative,” and so on. With all of her appearance she loudly states: “I’m not just pretty darn talented—I’m genius! And, I have amazing abilities.” Her habit of having a self-sentiment of the greatest does not depend much on real qualities that she has. However, this does not prevent her from behaving like a person, who is entitled to everything and everyone. A peculiarity of this woman is that her entire life she aims for the heights, seeks to storm the peaks and no matter what kind. As a child most likely now and then she climbed tall fences, trees, houses and roofs, and this little “conqueror of Everest” was not disturbed by bruises and scratches, which resulted from these climbing exercises. In adulthood, instead of roofs she will try to climb some social ladders. For example, she will strive to become a manager at an organization where she works. Also, this person would not mind getting into the highest echelons of power and, in spite of belonging to the “weaker gender,” she is fully capable of doing it. Once she conquers another social Chomolungma, this woman instantly transforms into an empress, for whom everything is allowed and who gives instructions left and right. And, like any queen, she thinks of herself as an etalon, a model of human qualities and for this reason everyone must hang on to her every word and follow her example! However, regardless of the height of her position, this woman tends to regularly strain others with her orders, assignments and problems, which she wants them to engage in. Even if she does not reach the top of political or any other social ladder—in her consciousness the following words will still be closely related to her and her activities: “the best”, “the highest”, and “the greatest.” After all, she thinks that everything she (the greatest) has must be like the flesh of sturgeon and, as it is known, there is no such thing as second grade flesh of sturgeon.

A woman born on November 3rd of common years not only seeks to be the top authority to others, but also wants to have everything the best, the highest grade. Everything she uses must be top quality: from major things to the smallest. Consider some examples. The neighborhood where this woman lives must be the most prestigious, her house—the tallest, the area adjacent to the house—huge, interior—the most luxurious, and cigarettes that she smokes—the most expensive, made from the finest tobacco and beautifully decorated. As for clothes—they must be the most stylish, expensive, fashionable, and elegant; food—the freshest, most tested, most (as it is fashionable to say nowadays) “ecologically friendly.” And, if she travels (whether on a boat, a train or an airplane), then she thinks that it must be only in first class. And so on. These requirements apply even to those things, which it would seem should not be considered from this point of view. Consider her visits to a church. If she decides to go to one, then she will certainly choose the most well-known in the area (and the richest!). And, if she decides to request a requiem service there, then it will be the most grandiose. As it was already mentioned, she considers herself to be first-class and demands all the best from life and from others. For example, if she decided to visit someone (in her case, to would be better to say—decides to overjoy someone with her presence), then a priori there should not be a more distinguished guest there—she thinks that the inviter (host) is simply obligated to give her a royal welcome.

However, the considered individual not only seeks to surround herself with top quality things and services, but she also demands the same (perfection) from herself. A woman born on November 3rd of common years is a perfectionist by nature, and therefore she thinks that qualities of her personality must also be top quality. She thinks that these qualities should be expressed, recorded in the highest achievements, highest priorities, and grandiose life objectives. For example, her career simply must be the most successful: her place of work must be the most prestigious, her professionalism must be top notch, and her achievements at work must be the greatest, most amazing and stunning. In short, perfectionism of this woman applies to her own creative products as well. In connection with this motif, when she prepares something (often significant)—whether she is fully aware of it or not she often delays the preparatory phase in order to bring her product to perfection. This desire to have a super-result often prevents her from finishing a particular product on time. And, it does not bother her that her boss or clients are waiting! She will anyway alter for the better and improve her creation until it is “just perfect.” She is convinced that it is too early to submit her work if her product is not brought to perfection…”

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