Description Of Women Born On November 30th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on November 30th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on November 30th of common years has a self-sentiment of an eternal victim of someone or something. She presents herself as a person, who suffered a life fiasco, a defeat, was won over, broken, and now, already as the underdog, this person seeks revenge—namely, to restore her status quo, gain recognition, respect, along with all the other benefits, and get protection on all sides. However, in her case this process is eternal. She is constantly sad, suffering and yearning. She worries greatly and torments herself with questions of how to get protection from future adversities. Even if she ever agrees to get to the stars through the thorns, then she will surely add: “No result is sweet without suffering!” This woman is a great martyr by her own free will. As she tries to present it, her entire life is continuous torture, intolerable torment, and unceasing tortures of the damned. And, no matter in what life conditions this woman finds herself, even if they are most favorable—life in a land of milk and honey—she will never part with the status of a person in a difficult situation, crying from problems and adversities.

No matter what fate bestows upon her, no matter what she gets faced with—everything is bad, everything is not as it should be. She is always unhappy. She is not satisfied with any suggestions, statements, opinions—meaning, absolutely all actions of other people. A pained and sad facial expression is usually followed by: “Oh, I’m a poor, miserable, all broken up, falling to pieces! It’s so hard for me!” She demonstrates persistence, determination and steadfastness in her howls. Her life is an eternal impasse, a vicious circle, but it is never her own fault—the circumstances are to blame. Absolutely everything is bad because of this: poor health, everyone offends her, and there is barely enough money for food, even if she just bought herself a fifth private plane. One of her favorite tunes is that she received less than she was due and continues to receive less in life and love, even though no one else on earth deserves it like she does—such a talented, gifted, wonderful, and sweet person. There is no love and that is why everything is bad. A woman born on November 30th of common years is quite happy with the position “everything is bad” because in her case: the worse—the better. If we take into account her natural persistence, then she easily brings any situation to absurdity.

This woman sees danger everywhere, always, in everything and everyone. Presence in this world itself seems dangerous to her; from her point of view, the world is nothing other than an initially hostile environment. If she had the opportunity, she would not hesitate to move into a bunker, where others would not be able to reach her. Like the King of Pop—Michael Jackson, she would sleep in a specially constructed bed or a pressure chamber and breathе special air from а tube. Environment includes other people, and she views any new acquaintance or especially a stranger with suspicion and sees him or her as potential danger. This woman constantly gets frightened and often in a very loud way. Even appearance of a familiar person on the horizon can cause a reaction of fear in her: “Oh, you scared me so much!” The thing is that this person lives in a worldview (which she created for herself) where everyone around her is an enemy. Her fear is also dictated by that supposedly she forefeels, already foresees a terrible end for herself.

At the same time, she does not forget to do everything so that this terrible tomorrow would come as soon as possible. This woman has many methods for nearing a nightmarish future. First of all, she constantly feels danger and regularly creates it in her life by carrying out actions, which are monstrous by reason of their general sense. She can stick two knitting needles into a power outlet in order to check whether there is electricity or on purpose open all the windows in her house when it is bitter cold outside. Or she can turn on all the lights and open all the windows in the house during a summer evening, making the house full of flies and mosquitoes, and then suffer trying to catch them. Trying to dissuade her from performing dangerous actions is not recommended. She will do the opposite because she has a habit of absorbing advices, and then doing everything counter to those advices. Being in a state of never-ending counteraction, always acting according to the principle “I’ll get frostbitten ears to piss off my mother,” engaging in dangerous activities, breaking promises, agreements, rules, and laws—this woman has a “mouthful” of troubles.

This woman’s appearance has a charm, especially because of her eyes. It seems that her eyes are the most kind and honest in the world. Against the background of these eyes her complaints appear very convincing, but in fact it is her usual technique to soften others, to get them to act in her interests. In addition, a woman born on November 30th of common years likes to pretend that she is a simple, unsophisticated, ordinary, unpretentious, modest, pitiful thing, who does not need much. She covers up her selfish goals in regard to others with moral and ethical principles. She likes to create an illusion of affinity of souls, claiming their spiritual closeness, common language. She likes to say that the main thing in a person is his or her soul. She thinks that the main thing is to bind a client with a sensation of affinity of souls, and then it is possible to do whatever you want with him or her…”

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