Description Of Men Born On October 12th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on October 12th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on October 12th of leap years perceives himself as a person, who can be the earthly embodiment of god. He considers himself the bearer of divine qualities and claims the status of god’s vicar on earth, a perfect ruler, an emperor. In his own eyes, he is the possessor of immutable truths and he can easily make judgments about a particular phenomenon, an event, a person and give it some name, definition, thus attaching a label.

He considers himself the only generator of correct decisions and takes the liberty of denying, permitting, guiding, directing, and managing. He proclaims adherence to moral and ethical norms to be the greatest duty and sacred responsibility of any person, while his personal views on ethics and morality usually are very different from those, which he tried to impose on others. Nevertheless, he makes a militant judge in terms of classification, as well as sentences. In general, he considers himself the avenging hand of god and an indisputable authority, whose actions and deeds are correct and ideal by definition.

He thinks that the order that he set must be present everywhere. First of all, this order must be established in relations between people. He himself does not usually bother to explain his actions and deeds. In this sense, he thinks: “That what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to a bull.”

He considers himself a perfect ruler and thinks that it is necessary to reveal himself to the world. This person thinks that his revelation as the true ruler sent to earth from heaven must be done in a timely fashion. He is sure that it is necessary to trust the natural course of events and to know how to take them into account. A corresponding situation should always occur in order for him to “revel” himself. Taking some action at the wrong time means failure. The right time comes when he gets some “sign from above;” like in the ancient times during the days of the Roman emperors, when any natural phenomenon could be interpreted as a sign—something like that must occur in the case of this person. And, it does not necessarily have to be a natural phenomenon—a banal happenstance will do just fine. This can be a prophetic dream, a glass that was dropped by accident, a bird flying by, and so on. Once a man born on October 12th of leap years “sees” the sign of fate, in his calculations he will connect it with the seasons of the year and even with the weather. Then, in his view, the situation and he himself become a single “finger of fate.”

Just like for any person, the path and achievements of this man completely depend on the cultural and educational level that he will be able to achieve. On the one hand, this man really can become an outstanding individual. Potentially he is able to reach great heights in the profession that he chooses. His qualities help him in this. He is very energetic, has the necessary tenacity, thoughtfulness, swiftness of thought, ability to absorb and process impressive volumes of various information, can study a subject attentively and profoundly, and think on a large scale. However, at the same time, these abilities can also let him down: this person might think that he has innate wisdom and does not need to learn. From this moment on he will remain an ordinary ignoramus with a high opinion of himself. His irrepressible passion for revelry, which strongly reflects on his health, might contribute to this. Revelry itself is both attractive and necessary for him. Therefore, he has a chance to forever get bogged down in revelry with alcohol, debauchery and adventures.

While thinking about how and when it would be best to reveal himself to the world, this man is well aware of that if he is no one and does not having a strong financial support, then the appearance of Christ to the people in his face might never take place. As a person who claims to decide people’s fates, he will certainly try to get a high social position and a stable financial status. And, he can achieve the desired. With his irrepressible desire for luxury and exorbitant greed, he often violates the law, the rules of decency and morality and might become quite a large-scale and very talented thief-financier, who will steal entire cash flows. No matter what he states about this, reaching into someone else’s pocket poses does not pose moral and ethical difficulties for this person. Striving for maximum enrichment, this man tries his best to fill his bag with money, including from other people’s “pockets”: bank accounts, corporate and budget money, etc. However, trying to fill his pockets with money, in parallel he always seeks to ensure that he empties them while aimlessly wasting money during serious sprees. This is a very specific and stable algorithm inherent in this individual. Struggling with all his might to get some good things of life, he suddenly begins to feel a strong need to rest and unwind. However, his rest time is quite peculiar. To an observer it might seem that he leaves business, family, and affairs at once and rushes somewhere far away, where no one knows him only for one purpose—to fully indulge in revelry. In reality, all this does not just happen and certainly does not happen suddenly or at once. On the contrary, this person prepares his “take off.” He always plans all his actions and does not like to do anything without preparation. He prepares in advance for both periods of “hard” work and revelry periods. The scenario is generally stable. First, he thoroughly guts someone’s “pocket,” and it is not so important whether it is government, corporate, or someone’s personal “pocket.” Then, this person seriously prepares the ground in terms of contacts, preventing situations, in which someone from, for example, work starts looking for him. He might tell his wife that he is leaving on a business trip to another city right away. Or, if this is not too convincing, he can immediately arrange a terrible family scandal over nothing, traditionally slam the door saying: “I am leaving forever!” A man born on October 12th of leap years also certainly tells his business partners that he will be away for a while or just takes a few days off, supposedly in order to think over some matter related to business and make a decision. Meanwhile, he stuffs his pockets full of money and goes away to some far away “neck of the woods,” where no one knows him and no one will be able to find him…”


Olga Skorbatyuk Talking About Men Born On October 13th Of Common Years On Russian Television.

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