Description Of Men Born On October 16th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on October 16th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“The first and primary distinguishing characteristic of a man born on October 16th of leap years is that he is a person, who works VERY hard all his life, and for whom the word “duty” is not an empty word.

This man’s intellect is a workaholic, which calculates a multitude of situations and tasks 24 hours a day. It works actively under the conditions of necessity to fulfill a duty, an obligation, terms of agreements, etc. It is futile to shatter or destroy it, or to get it off track by some unexpected action or a situation. Consistency and logic are the main weapons of this person’s intellect. Also, this person is a good tactician, but a mediocre strategist. His mind works slowly, thoroughly, gradually, unhurriedly, but purposefully. If he is intellectually tired, then the following pleasures help him: guests, meeting up with relatives; sex, during which the other party is active, and so on.

The main condition for this person is that physical exercise should bring him pleasure. Constantly being tired as a common background is his normal state. However, he should not abuse being tired. A man born on October 16th of leap years needs to choose one direction in physical training and practice it.

The general direction of this person’s nutrition is as follows: liquids and ecologically elite products. He can (and should!) consider food as medicine. This man needs to choose a single direction in nutrition and stick to it because in his case change in diet leads to destabilization of his organism as a whole. This individual should especially pay attention to mineral supplements.

Clarity, stability in relationships is the fundamental principle in his emotional factor. Also, if he gets moral and ethical satisfaction from work, it leads to a stable psycho-emotional state. Moreover, a system of getting pleasure every day is required for normal operation of his psyche.

This man’s sexual factor is very powerful and he regards sex as something very important in his life. It is not recommended for him to get hung up on one partner (even though it is contrary to his system of duty and obligations). A man born on October 16th of leap years likes to have sex for a very long time with strong embraces, as well as oral and anal sex (among other things). In oral sex he likes it when his penis goes in deep and a partner chews it a bit (but not to the point of pain). It is recommended for this person to study Indian and Chinese sexual practices.

His optimal geographical area for living is tropics and subtropics. He likes the heat. The scope of his professional activities and interests (among others) might include: psychoanalysis, political science, informational business (computers), real estate…

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