Description Of Men Born On October 2nd Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on October 2nd of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“By nature, a man born on October 2nd of leap years aims at self-perfecting with very positive results. However, two of his other natural qualities interfere with this. The first one is self-sentiment of that he does not need to self-perfect because he is already the best of the best, the first among everyone and in everything; meaning—already perfection itself. The second thing that hinders his self-perfecting is that by nature this is a zealous apologist, a follower of legacy left to him by his parents (and, not necessarily biological parents, but those who raised him—including foster parents, grandparents, etc.).

“Parental legacy” is essentially a recipe on what kind of person he should be and how he should live. He automatically adopts and, for the most part, automatically (meaning: unconsciously) follows examples his parents/educators showed him and that what they taught him. Life principles, recipes on how to live, philosophy left by parents/educators sit so deep and firm in him that he does not even notice this, essentially, parental dictate. And, even more so, he does not resist it. This happens because he considers qualities of personality, habits, mental constructs set in him not parental, but his own.

However, this is not true because by nature he has a completely different program, and it is not the same as his parents’/educators’. That is: his path. However, in his case, he might live his entire life in the illusion that what was taught to him as a child is his path. No one can dissuade or change him. It is possible to break him, but not to change him until he himself wants to change, improve his personality qualities. However, if he, by his own will, for any reason makes a choice in favor of giving up someone else’s (parental) ways and engages in self-knowledge and self-perfecting, then there will be no one equal to him in this process. He will work on self-perfecting with persistence and huge diligence, like a jeweler cuts a precious stone. And, this quality was also given to a man born on October 2nd of leap years by nature from birth.

In his case, important tools for self-perfecting are various texts: physical and electronic books, articles, periodicals, texts from the Internet. Texts (books) are the basis for working on himself and an important condition for obtaining positive results in the process of improving himself and his life, in which he is focused on prosperity. By nature being a hardworking person, who understands that in order to apply himself in this life (that is, to be useful and in demand) it is necessary to study and to work—he is capable of resolving any matters related to perfecting his qualities. There is no doubt that once he sets course on self-perfecting—one day he really will “shine like a precious stone.” He, by himself is capable of making a truly outstanding individual out of himself (outstanding in reality and not in his fantasies, as was indicated in the first case above). And, he really will become the best of the best…

In addition to interest in literature on self-perfection and books in general, in the intellectual factor this person is interested in virtually all existing religious and philosophical systems. After getting to know them, he chooses one or more philosophical and/or religious directions as the basis for his self-improvement. Also, it can be said that by nature he is quite a good analyst.

In the physical factor, he considers himself, his body to be perfect (regardless of reality). He can successfully use swimming in addition to other sports. When it comes to clothing, he likes to dress flashily like a pheasant displaying its plumage (especially in front of the ladies or his competitors). He likes jewelry and precious stones. Surely he has some red colored things in his wardrobe.

In the dietological (nutritional) factor, he can be omnivorous, but he prefers an abundance of dishes served on a table (like on a Chinese emperor’s table). He likes fish and fish dishes. He had problems with alcohol. Especially he loved wine. (The problem is that sometimes he just cannot stop at the right time and gets very drunk.)

In the emotional factor he can present himself as joyful, appetizing. However, it is better not to anger him because it is frightening to others when he is angry—they think lightning comes out from his eyes. And, in general, it is better not to send negative emotions in his direction since he is a person, who pays with the same coin: if a person is good to him, then he is good to him/her; if a person is acting toward him in a bad way, then he will also be bad to him/her. He is not capable of emotionally manifesting himself in any different way except for exactly copying and transmitting the same emotions, which a person transmits towards him, back towards that person. In addition, he is vindictive.

In the sexual factor this is an excellent family man, although prone to despotism in the family and festivities “on the side.” Even though by nature he is not monogamous—family is most precious to him. No mistress (and, there can be many) is more valuable to him than his wife and children. A man born on October 2nd of leap years himself is such a jealous person that he will never allow his wife to “have fun on the side” and he considers it to be his own personal prerogative. In sex he prefers the “doggy style;” it takes him a while to warm up, but then it is difficult to stop him.

In the environmental factor he is a good business partner—an honest one (which is a rarity among businessmen.) However, by nature he is a predator, insidious and ruthless, and this also gets expressed in business in relation to clients. In addition to large “prey” he is not against small incomes (“grain by grain”). He is hard-working. As for housing—he prefers it to be as posh as he can afford. He likes furniture and other items of the interior to be made out of natural oak, use of broad patterns, leopard and tiger patterns in the interior, objects of red color. Also, his appearance in the environment is similar to a flood: wherever he appears—all attention must be directed toward him; often this gets achieved using a flow of words towards the interlocutor(s), which is difficult to stop…”

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