Description Of Men Born On October 5th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on October 5th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on October 5th of leap years can be described as a collector. Essentially, this is a human-accumulator. Within and outside of himself he stores information, physical health and strength, emotions, sexual desires, financial means, food in the refrigerator, acquaintances, professional skills, and so on. In other words, to put it simply, he is a natural hoarder, who collects all sorts of things. He himself and the space around him is a one big hangar, where he drags everything possible. This process is stable and continues throughout his life—this man is unstoppable in his hoarding. However, he is a very responsible collector because he not only collects everything that comes (or gets obtained) from the outside, but also saves and carefully preserves it. For example, this person is able to purposefully accumulate financial wealth. Financial flows, which come to his garner, can resemble a small forest brook or a widest rapid river, but the principle is the same: he accumulates financial means using the method called “grain by grain” or “Penny by penny makes a million!” Financially he seeks to have a solid amount of reserve capital; and it does not matter whether he stores it at a bank or under his pillow—the main thing is that he always has some monetary savings for a rainy day. Or a man born on October 5th of leap years stocks up on, for example, food. Although there is no problem with food at any supermarket and one can get products pretty much at any time of day or night, this person will surely think it is necessary to stock up on something: butter, sugar or something else. It might seem to an observer that such actions do not have any rational. In the environmental factor this person also might accumulate certificates, medals, merits, and reviews. Or it can be a collection of, for example, minerals, ceramics, items made out of semiprecious stones, jewelry, stamps or rare book editions. In the physical factor it might be a collection of clothes for all occasions, which were made by a wide variety of brands. Of course, his clothing would not from be from a flea market or “secondhand,” but rather made by expensive, well-known manufacturers, and usually he prefers classic designs, which are always in style. Without a doubt, it is also possible to collect some stable life patterns or algorithms of actions, and indeed that is what this person does: accumulated knowledge and skills become very stable habits. Making changes later on does not even come to mind—on the contrary: habits get carefully preserved, cherished, and used. For example, it can be a habit of smoking or a habit of not smoking, and so on; it can be anything. And, of course, like any collector this man is literally consumed by his collection regardless of its actual value. If it is a data collection, then it is a large massive, a huge amount of very different types of information. This man is characterized as a responsible collector also because he gathers his collections very thoroughly. For example, if he collects information, then he not only wants to gather it, but also wants to know everything about everything, to understand the subject matter (or multiple subject matters) as well as possible. However, in this regard, it can happen that there is too much information in cases when it comes from a variety of sources and just gets stored in quite a chaotic manner—as a result, there is so much of it that this person gets lost and simply does not know what to do with it next.

This person’s accumulation in non-stop mode can be excessive at times. This is especially true of emotions. For example, someone angered or offended him once, twice, three, five, ten times… One day it all turns into one massive terrible aversion, into total hatred toward the offender. Moreover, apologies, persuasions and pleas to forgive and forget have no effect on this person: his feeling, his attitude toward the subject already formed and that is it! A similar process occurs with positive emotions. For example, a person caused him to feel sympathy (for example, a woman sent him a sexy vibe), then again, again, and again, and finally, slowly but surely, real flames of great passion start emerging in the soul of this individual! A stable attachment gets formed. To an observer (and sometimes to this man himself) this seems accidental or coincidental. On the other hand, such an abundance of all sorts of things (starting with knowledge from a variety of scientific fields to purely domestic or professional skills) often makes him a real, so to speak, multi-functional processor: he is a plumber, and a carpenter, and a gem cutter, and a healer, and a sewer, and a mountain climber, and a mechanic. He can easily become known as a real jack-of-all-trades, an all-round craftsman. In any case, regardless of whether it is good or bad, in the process of accumulation the considered person does not stop. The question of what is “a lot” a man born on October 5th of leap years considers rhetorical and highly disputable. According to his personal perception and understanding, the process of accumulation must include a tendency towards continuous growth. And, it must necessarily be a long process. A tempting prospect to simply buy some huge collection (like, for example, the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg) one day and enjoy it is not for him…

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