Description Of Women Born On October 14th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 14th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“One of the main peculiarities and functions of a woman born on October 14th of leap years is that she seeks to protect everyone around her, hide people from troubles and dangers, and save them from all possible misfortunes. Most of all this quality extends to her children and parents, and for their sake she is ready to sacrifice even her own life. However, she helps strangers just as readily and even considers more global variants of self-sacrifice—for example, “in the name of world’s (planet Earth’s, the Universe’s, and so on) salvation.” She is a peculiar Don Quixote and thinks that she carries the heavy cross of salvation, support, protection, and she is completely insatiable in this sense. Like Mother Teresa, this person is deeply convinced that her main task (or even life purpose) is to help people. She helps everyone with what she can. And, she engages in this quite intensely.

By nature considered individual is extremely mobile and absolutely restless: she is always running (or it is even possible to say flying like an arrow) somewhere. How else? After all, she thinks that someone always needs her, so to speak, “ambulatory” or “emergency” help! Her unquenchable desire to assist, safeguard and protect is not occasional, but rather a stable life credo that entails daily actions of this nature. Like the character from the famous work titled The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, every day she has a feat planned in her schedule. More precisely, a feat, of course, means someone’s salvation and not something else. In this she is not particularly inclined to reason or plan her actions. She is so concerned with the desire to bestow benefits to everyone around her, to do good to everyone, to support each and every person that in principle she does not bother with tactics and strategies: her help is always needed by everyone. Moreover, if it suddenly happens that she has no one to save, then this woman will not wait for, so to speak, favors from nature: she will go and find someone herself! (Although, of course, this option is from the category of extreme since she usually has someone to take care of—either her numerous offspring or purely professional matters.) When someone needs assistance, this woman does not shy away from any work; for example, being an employee of some rescue service, she is not afraid of blood or situations that present danger to her own life. She is not afraid of dust, dirt, pus, blood, feces, and other everyday components that are present (but are not always pleasant) in a life of a worker of this professional field. She will clean and organize everything no matter how difficult, unpleasant, and uncomfortable. She is not inclined to doubt and think about how to do things in the best way. A woman born on October 14th of leap years is very specific and she is a person of real action: “Why think when it is necessary to just act?!”

Considered person looks like strict, but good-natured school teachers, who care for the students besides teaching them and will always help their pupils in spite of impressive and somewhat frightening appearance. She is a Berehynia—a woman with a character of a hen, and not only in relation to her own children: in her professional field this quality gets expressed no less. For example, if she happens to be an employee of the education sector (a school or kindergarten teacher, or a professor at a higher education institution), then she will be consumed by one idea only: nurturing her pupils. And, regardless of reality, she will be absolutely convinced that all her actions bring them only good. By the way, if this person happens to work as someone’s assistant, then her boss will have nothing to worry about: she will perform her duties well, especially if told beforehand something like “it is your mission…” or “…no one but you can save people (the company, our position, this business).” She belongs to the category of those people, who are loyal and faithful to people, an idea, a business they are engaged with. Regardless of her professional niche, considered individual thinks that what she does and people with whom she comes into contact in the process constantly require care and protection. As she sees it, the responsibility lies only on her and she is the only one who is able to fully provide it. If this woman becomes a boss herself, then there is no doubt that she will want to patronize everyone she can. However, sometimes this woman might ask for help herself; for example, she might visit a church, where she will pray for salvation, assistance, protection.

A woman born on October 14th of leap years thinks that help, kindness, goodness are great, but it would also be nice to have a significant amount of funds. Moreover, she seeks to achieve financial well-being so much that on this path she might behave like people about whom the following saying exists: “They would sell their souls for money.” She will never stop supporting and assistance others, but when it comes to money she can demonstrate very different qualities: extreme avarice and greed. In this hypostasis she is very cunning, insidious, smarmy, and thievish…”

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