Description Of Women Born On October 26th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 26th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on October 26th of common years goes through life with a “wall to wall” or team to team philosophy; for example, when a group of people at once rushes to solve some problem. The team can vary and not necessarily be work related; for example, it can be relatives, who this woman gathered all together for a holiday dinner and so on. She gathers communities according to some common interest, goal or objective (for example, a community for protection of children). It can also be a team of actors, some political party or a women’s movement. In any case, this person will be the organizer, the only one responsible for gathering people. She is a person, who will gather them in one place at the same time. This is her function. Naturally, there must be someone or something for what she would bring people together, but that is a different question. In this case, anything can be this woman’s goal, but she will do one thing: gather a team to solve some problem. And, she gathers everyone, so to speak, “into a bunch” quite professionally. In other words, she takes into account each person’s rank, habits, level of professionalism (in case of business), and so on. She thinks that each and every person should know how to do their job well, do it in a collective mechanism and only then that community as a whole can count on success. So, before she start gathering, this woman will find out everything about everyone, ferret out whatever she can, evaluate and rank each person. In other words, first she will examine the situation, analyze, think, and only then she will act. Preliminary preparation allows her to clearly understand the following: who should occupy what place is the common mass. Her principle is as follows: those who have less professional training must learn from those who have more of it, and young people must learn from more senior and experienced. This woman thinks that in addition to solving problems it is really possible to change each member of the team for the better by using joint efforts. Naturally, for the better from her own perspective since it is she who determines the philosophy of the team. And, a woman born on October 26th of common years manages to influence since the attitude of this individual toward others is quite dense, persistent, goal-oriented and, so to speak, does not know fear and reproach.

This person is remarkably brave. It is possible to say that she is wildly brave. She is absolutely fearless, very energetic, and always looking for extreme situations, in which she could participate. And, in these quests she is capable of a lot. For example, as a child she might scare her friends using attributes of Halloween (an ancient Celtic holiday with rather frightening attributes), put bloody human hands, feet and heads made out of plastic into their schoolbags, and tell scary stories. As she grows up, she will usually do this with the help of dangerous sports (winter, summer, etc.) or extreme entertainment. Also, this quality can manifest in attempts to test curiosity and fear at the same time by looking at a variety of frightening artistic images, or by watching movies or reading literary works (for example, about the afterworld, vampires, terrible crimes, and so on). It is noteworthy that she is genuinely interested and very attracted to everything that causes horror and disgust in other people. This is expressed in her behavior as well; for example, she can easily take her date to a cemetery. What is wrong with that? It is quietly and tranquil there, she thinks. Also, she is very curious about any information related to the so-called supernatural: clairvoyance, predictions, fortune telling and everything else from this category that is presented in modern civilization. Even though this might seem as yet another one of her fads or eccentricity, this woman takes a very active interest in these things. Another area of her interest is various secret services, their activities, their secret affairs. By the way, once in power, having joined the ranks of special services, it is safe to assume that her policy will be very strict. Due to her extreme nature, she will easily agree to tasks, from which even Agent 007 James Bond would run in terror. They do not bother her a bit! In principle, she is a ruthless woman and for her there are no limits when it comes to cruelty, determination and risks. Due to her personal qualities this person is able to carry out seemingly quite mad tasks with great success. In short, she would make a great secret agent. Moreover, by nature she is a secretive person. Quite often she is concerned with ensuring that other people are not aware of her actions and that secrets are always present in her life. For example, she loves to prepare for some event in strict secrecy, so that no one would even guess about it. Also, she is a fan of iron laws and strict regulations. This person is extremely categorical, stable in her views, speaks with conviction like she is hammering in nails, so to speak, and usually she does it using a whining tone. And, if her opponents do not want to listen to her, then as an irrefutable argument she can easily resort to the use of fists. By the way, she herself also requires confirmations and compelling evidence; in short, everything that is strong as iron. A woman born on October 26th of common years likes the strictest limitations for other people as well as for herself. It is not good to have this woman as an enemy because she is capable of acting very discreetly, precisely, decidedly and at times firmly…”

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