Description Of Women Born On October 26th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 26th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“To say that a woman born on October 26th of leap years is curious is not to say anything. Curiosity that is inherent in this individual has a superlative degree and scale because it can apply to anything. She is ready to pay any price in order to satisfy this desire. For example, she can become so interested in results of some process that she will insistently participate in it (even if she knows that participation in this process does not make sense) only in order to satisfy her burning desire to find out how things will turn out. She is curious to know: will it work or not? Moreover, being extremely venturous to the very end she will strive to achieve victory (or at least a “draw”). In addition, she will fight for something even in cases when it is absolutely clear that nothing good will come of it. In the process of satisfying this peculiarity she demonstrates extraordinary persistence and stubbornness, and these qualities allow her to achieve amazing results. For example, being drawn to the theater, this woman can make a bet that she will memorize an entire role in a single night. Moreover, with experience she will win such bets more and more often. However, being so incredibly capable of getting carried away by someone or something, she often makes an impression of a person with blinders on her eyes, who simply does not see anything around her when she is interested in something. It is often said about such people that they are fixated because when they concentrate on something interesting or desired—all they do is repeat something like: “I will achieve it no matter what!” or “I love him so much!” or “I will win anyway, regardless of what it costs me!”

Considering herself the embodiment of courage and fortitude, this person knows how to achieve what she wants, and she does it extremely purposefully, aggressively and at the same time tearfully. Due to a number of above-mentioned peculiarities of this person, she can be repeatedly confronted with all sorts of problems in life. For example, she can lose money in a casino or on bets and remain without any funds; or, being carried away by something new and interesting, a woman born on October 26th of leap years might stop doing that what she needs to do and get corresponding (usually disastrous) results. However, it must be admitted that if she is seriously interested in something or involved in something, then she will do everything in order to get a result, all the way to the end, to the depths, to the seabed—all the way to emptiness, when it is possible to say: “I drank this cup to the dregs.” For example, in the intellectual factor, if she wants to sort out some issue, then she will make all possible efforts to reach the state of maximum degree of understanding—by any means she will make sure that everything would finally be clear to her. And, this is also a result of manifestation of the above-mentioned qualities of this personality.

This woman has very big ambitions. She seeks to occupy a high position in society and claims the status of the head, the instigator, the leader, the all-powerful queen with all the attributes confirming her divine greatness. However, being capable of somewhat exaggerating her own importance, at times she can, so to speak, run ahead of the train, which often leads to a state of so-called phony authority. However, this absolutely does not embarrass her. In general, she is a big fan of putting on airs and puffing her cheeks. This woman’s self-presentation is highly phenomenal. She has a fantastic ability to walk around haughtily with her nose up, to boast frantically and to show off any of her dignities. For example, she can tell about her greatness, abilities and successes even to a totally drunk homeless person, who not only does not care about her, but also does not hear anything because she is soundly asleep! In society she claims leadership positions: from a boss, a manager all the way up to a president. However, her subordinates are not to be envied because once she gets a superior position, this person will treat them like cattle, dictate onerous terms, and communicate with them like they are her slaves. A woman born on October 26th of leap years has little interest in what they think, feel and want. She will operate according to a well-known principle: “I’m the boss and you are a fool!” These qualities will manifest even more in the event that this person does not get touched by culture and fails to get sufficient education. In that case, the world will definitely get another Stalinist (Leninist, Hitlerite, etc.), in her face, upon whose head one can cast iron and forge steel blades, trying to get through to her; all to no avail because she will pretend to be unshakable, toughest of the toughest, greatest of the greatest. Moreover, she is convinced that she knows everything about everything and everyone, knows things better than anyone else, and has her own philosophy that is the best. And, she is the only one who is always right, while everyone else is wrong. For example, this can manifest in her habit to act as a kind of clairvoyant, who will not fail to proclaim “I told you” after some event already occurred. By doing this she as if hangs yet another I-know-it-all medal on her chest. The feeling of superiority is a stable desire of this person and it is a state that brings her inexpressible pleasure. However, with a lack of education and culture this person will be a desperate blockhead, who does not have enough brains to understand, to see that all her “greatness” is the greatness of a villager-milkmaid, who spent too much time in the sun, overheated and imagined herself the queen of all surrounding land…”

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