Description Of Women Born On October 31st Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 31st of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on October 31st of leap years is a person for whom results and positive outcomes of any process (rather than processes themselves) are important. Once she begins something, she always strives to reach the highest point, the limit, the apogee. This is especially true in regard to her own development, development of personal qualities, skills and knowledge. This can also be defined as follows: she always achieves maximal realization of her own abilities, capabilities and talents. Therefore, if she chooses some path in life, then she will work on bringing her own professionalism to perfection regardless of anyone or anything. If this individual sets a goal or identifies some task for herself, then from that moment on she will act according to the following principle: “I’ll do it even if I die!” This happens at least because firstly she does it for herself. She will do everything in order to eventually be able to say that she achieved the maximum. Indeed, if she states that she knows something in some field, then there is no doubt that this woman knows more than anyone else in that field. If she states that she learned how to do something, then it means that she does it better than anyone. From her point of view, if you acquire some skills, then you should master them to the finest detail; if you study some topic, then the acquired  knowledge must be full and deep; and, if you reach for the heights (for example, social), then you must obtain the highest status. For example, if this woman is an athlete, then she will fight only for the first place because second and third places simply do not exist for her. She also uses the abovementioned principles of completeness, limit and perfection as criteria when evaluating her own parameters. She thinks that if you are trying to become an individual, then you must become a perfect individual with qualities that are of an exceptional level. Naturally, this principle applies not only to her professional activities, but also to the sphere of her personal relations. For example, in love, in a partnership with a man it is necessary to strive to merge together, to achieve, as the saying goes, “a complete unification of souls,” to fight for harmony—while the rest are half-measures, unnecessary compromises, which simply will not do.

However, a woman born on October 31st of leap years does not belong to the category of dreamers, as it might seem at first glance and especially to those people, who set the bar high and then sit around passively waiting for the sun to shine. She is well aware of that realization of that what she conceives will not just come out of nowhere, and that it is necessary to work hard and make a huge effort in order to get what she wants. And, she is ready to make the effort! Perhaps individuals like Mikhail Lomonosov become of people like this woman: Lomonosov set a goal for himself to become an educated person, and even without having the background to make his dream become a reality, from a simple peasant he managed to become not just a cultured man, but also a famous Russian scientist. If necessary, this woman is also capable of giving up everything and everyone, and like Lomonosov practically walk to a city or some university from a village, in which she had the “luck” to be born. This woman has enough persistence, will, and goal-orientedness; especially since it is not inherent in this woman to do things in the rough or brusquely like a peasant. It does not appeal to her to look poor, worn out, struck by poverty and make do with the following philosophy of life: “Love makes a cottage a castle.” Village life with all its attributes, rough and simple style, feeling like a scarecrow or a worthless little person—all this, to put it mildly, does not appeal to her. Living in a hut, sleeping on a straw mattress, eating from a tin bowl with a wooden spoon, and wearing a necklace with glass beads instead of diamonds—all this is not for her. Wearing a faded sundress, rubber boots and a quilted jacket instead of a sable one, living in some hut instead of a luxurious country villa with all the comforts, enjoying the sounds of an accordion and a balalaika instead of a piano—all this does not seem attractive to this individual. To be more precise, it is difficult for her to tolerate all that. However, she can endure more severe, harsher conditions in order to achieve some goal that is important to her! Therefore, even if she was born in a village, it is unlikely that she will stay there. This woman will necessarily seek to move to the city or at least to some town near a major city. She simply does not understand the call: “Be simpler and you will attract people!” However, simply nothing is impossible for this woman because of her ability to work, to study, to keep aim on the target and to persistently achieve her goal. Only one problem remains: what to choose? This woman is very independent when it comes to choosing an occupation, to which she will later on dedicate her entire life. The following is often said about people like her: “She is her own boss.” She prefers not to listen to anyone (especially in her youth), and in this connection she is capable of foolishly choosing the most extreme activity, so that other people’s hair stand up when they hear about her choice! For example, as a counteraction to lies and ugliness that she sees in society every day, a woman born on October 31st of leap years can decide to demonstratively resist it and she can do it in quite a wild way (for example, by becoming a punk or becoming a part of some strange community (for example, the fashionable “Hobbit Community”). After all, she will not be bothered and certainly will not be stopped by rules like those, which, for example,  punks have, and which prescribe walking in broad daylight with green hair, piercing all body parts, dressing (if not eating) right out of a garbage can…”

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