Description Of Women Born On October 6th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 6th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on October 6th of leap years is characterized by that she is a creator and, naturally, a participant in long, continuous processes. From her point of view, these processes must have distant prospects, as well as, of course, interim results and should never come to an end; in other words—a kind of perpetuum mobile. The latter condition is a must because without it a prospect is not a prospect, a strategy is not a strategy and in general is not an interesting affair for this woman to engage in. Moreover, the sensation from these processes is that as if this woman got immortality; in other words—her immortality depends on eternal process that she arranged for herself.

She is interested in society as a conglomerate, which, from her point of view, must be considered systemically. And, each system must have clear boundaries, keys for understanding, recipes for taming and educating, as well as for use of the human, economic, industrial, class and other factors. In other words, this woman acquires experience to pick the right key to each person, using which she can communicate easily. Any social sphere becomes not only understandable, but also easy to use, to get power, to accumulate financial assets, and most importantly it becomes an environment, in which endless process with far-reaching goals get established… The sensation of her own wildness (especially in her youth)—meaning: lack of education, erudition, professional skills, and information—leads this woman to a troubled state because she would like her back (education, affairs, profession, etc.) to always be covered by absolute knowledge of the subject matter, situation and development of events. Moreover, the feeling of being an ignoramus is very painful for this woman. Usually she uses the same method: settles in the fairway and follows the lead of someone, while gaining experience and knowledge. Mentors are needed to acquire a rich experience, at least in order not to waste time on correcting her mistakes once she reaches the depths of knowledge as a result of persistent research. This woman has good analytical skills, which allow her to slowly, but surely collect most varied information and then successfully put it together into an overall picture of what is happening.

If a woman born on October 6th of leap years happened to be born in a family of scientists, then she might follow the same path with a desire to surpass achievements of her parents. She has her own opinions about everything. This woman is extremely insistent on her own worldview, which, in essence, is based entirely on the way her parents educated and brought her up. It is possible to change it gradually, but not cardinally and not in a flash. There is a peculiarity: the higher the situational “temperature” from the outside aimed at changing her lifestyle gets, the calmer this woman becomes and holds on to her principles even more persistently.

She can nurture her intellect and build knowledge when she has the desires to do it. She tries to acquire knowledge from the widest range of human activities. This individual wants to know everything about everyone: first of all—about her own self, and then the entire lowdown about everyone and everything (and, she does this professionally). Once she finds out the whole story (preferably every detail), she uses all acquired information for her own goals, but first she checks out thought through combinations on practice. She records all results and then uses it as a recipe to achieve effects. A recipe becomes the recipe only when by trial and error she gets a stable (real) indicator of behavior of a particular person.

If she chooses a career in scientific research, then she will do for her research supervisor everything that belongs to the category of unquestioned obedience and fulfillment of any requirements or tasks set for her.

This woman is a big fan of chatter, but she is capable of speaking briefly, concisely and clearly if necessary. A woman born on October 6th of leap years can speak endlessly about almost any philosophical or religious topic and consider it from all angles, while listening to countless opinions. She is capable of making black white and white black. This can manifest especially brightly during competition, struggle for survival, and speculative (sophistical) disputes. She has quite an imagination. In speech she might use metaphors quite often. During dialogues she likes to make a variety of arguments in order to impress her interlocutor, prove that she is right, humiliate her opponent, etc. When she explains something to someone she tries to increase her level of understanding of the subject matter or the problem to the maximum, which sometimes causes her opponent to think of himself (herself) as a fool, to whom the same thing gets explained over and over again. At the same time, depending on the situation, she is a big fan of appearing as a complete ignoramus or a fool, even though in reality many plans and worries (all very important ones) are swarming in her head all at once. She does not dare to do something about some of her plans and objectives for some time because they are “raw” and she is thinking them through, while others require continuous monitoring and control. However, there are also some plans and objectives, for which she tries to ensure no final results…”

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