88Description Of Women Born On October 7th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 7th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on October 7th of leap years can be characterized as a clearly expressed dominant individual, who has a quite pronounced male essence: she is strong, very mobile, active, ambitious, and possesses formidable grace. She is a big fan of measuring strength with someone and likes to subordinate others. She seeks to manage and control everything and everyone. She has an authoritarian personality and zealously guards her “territory,” together with everything on it, as well as her family, home, business, property, intellectual developments, subordinates—in other words, everything that she thinks belongs to her. The internal definition of “It’s mine!” gives considered individual the moral right to manage and control that what she thinks fits this definition. This woman is a “hard core” proprietress, who thinks that “what’s mine is mine and only mine.” This is Hera from the Greek mythology, only she is “local”—she controls the territory, on which her possessions are located in the form of animate and inanimate objects. She strives to ensure that everything in her “kingdom” occurs according to regulations, a schedule or rules, which she sets herself. All of her efforts are directed at structuring and organizing everything around her. This woman is an ardent opponent of any kind of disturbance, instability and metamorphosis. She is a human-calendar, a human-organizer, who likes to plan, systematize and organize everything.

This woman has a self-sentiment of a leader, who must dominate over everything and everyone. In her youth considered person might bow before superiors, but later on it becomes increasingly difficult for her to do. Authoritarianism of this individual is complemented by that this woman wants to keep everything in their own hands. She always seeks to “close everything on herself” as much as possible: first, she builds some systems (relationships, business, etc.), and then she seeks sole control of them like an octopus. She is very proud of and even inclined to boast about that what she has acquired or achieved in life.

Considered individual can be characterized as a cheery young communist from the Soviet times in the USSR: combative, energetic, and contagious in hеr irrepressible enthusiasm. Communist ideas are not foreign to this individual and she declares herself a patriot of her homeland, tirelessly worries about all the “humiliated and insulted,” weak, poor, orphaned and miserable. A woman born on October 7th of leap years loves proclaiming herself the advocate of moral and ethical purity, etc. Declaratively this person will certainly proclaim the need for strict morals and ethical standards of behavior, but that will not prevent her from regularly breaking them herself. She is a fighter for the right thing, but only that what she considers right, important, necessary, and valuable fits her definition of “the right thing.” This woman is absolutely sure that she is right.

This individual is also convinced that she is exclusive and considers herself highly moral, the most beautiful, the most brilliant, etc. Above-mentioned qualities and those merits, which she tends to attribute to herself, inevitably lead to that she teaches everyone how to live according to the principle “everyone listen up.” This woman has the ability to literally torture everyone with her enlightening activities. She is like the educator Anton Makarenko, who taught, taught and taught. The thing is that this woman thinks of herself as the greatest leader “of all times.” By nature she is a commander, who tries to manage and control everyone around her.

However, this “young communist,” who forms public opinion to fit this “bright” image, has, so to speak, a rotten core. And, this core is a malicious, exorbitantly greedy, cruel, and treacherous person. Considered individual has an important peculiarity: essentially she is a werewolf. A woman born on October 7th of leap years has phenomenal mendacity all the way to absurdity; mere show is present in everything when it comes to her. To achieve power, financial well-being, for the sake of career and achievement of her goals (the main ones are to have a good position, wealth, “a full cup”) she can assume any, most varied forms. There is not much difference to her whether to take on the form of an angel, a devil or a pot in the oven. And, a very important peculiarity helps her in so doing: it is able to change her appearance very quickly, almost instantly. For example, she is sitting in her office at the end of a workday, tired and gray like a sack of potatoes. Suddenly her door opens and an interesting man comes in. From a gloomy, dusty bag this person immediately turns into a bright, attractive, sparkling, unusual and devilishly charming woman. Absolutely the same can happen with all other of her social roles: from a pure and altruistic “young communist,” a peace officer, Joan of Arc—she can turn into a helpless, weak, “white and fluffy” lady. When it comes to the considered individual there is a contrast in everything: thoughts, emotions, sexuality, nutrition, behavior, self-presentation, physical factor…”

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