Description Of Men Born On September 10th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of men born on September 10th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A man born on September 10th of leap years corresponds to the image of a “fine chap”—а decent, nice, friendly, open, sincere and honest man, who lives a simple, quiet life of a modest citizen. He makes the impression of an extremely humble person, who does not seek to stand out or show off his personal qualities or wealth, and is not inclined to brag about his merits, talents or social status. The thing is that this person really wants to appear in the society as a person of secondary importance compared to other more significant individuals. In the process of communication, this man is always ready to emphasize the superiority of his interlocutor in almost everything. And, even if out of politeness his opponent (inspired by his or her sense of self-worth) begins to mention merits and qualities of this man, then most likely he will reply modestly: “Oh no, I’m just a little man.” No matter how high his social position, this man is never inclined to accentuate the attention of other people on it. He tries to present himself as an insignificant person in comparison with others. Also, regardless of his real achievements, he will never boast about his abilities and talents in any way; on the contrary, he will try to somehow conceal them and appear as an ordinary person, a nothing compared to outstanding individuals. Regardless of his financial situation, he tries to show himself in the social environment as a person of modest means. For example, having a luxurious house, he will not boast about it, show it off to everyone and hint at how expensive it is. On the contrary, he can present it as a shack of a poor person. And, having arrived somewhere on a luxurious limousine, he is capable of convincingly presenting it to an interlocutor as a “rusty tin can,” а wreck, practically a bicycle. This man will never make himself stand out or show off. On the contrary, he is capable of presenting himself on the verge of self-effacement. He knows how to make a person with whom he is communicating feel unquestionable superiority in comparison with him. And, he does this very masterfully: in a childishly naïve and straightforward way, very gently, without fulsome flattery, cleverly and subtly—it is impossible to doubt his sincerity. He has a talent to demonstrate variants of very subtle, fine flattery.

This is related to that in any interaction the considered individual is inclined to plan all elements of his behavior meticulously, to the last detail. Communicating with people, he becomes an irreplaceable person to them because it is a pleasure to communicate, be friends, and work with him. After all, every person wants to hear something nice about himself or herself from someone, every person wants to feel important in comparison to someone; people find this someone in this man, and few can resist. Besides, a man born on September 10th of leap years understands very well that he significantly weakens possible aggression and resistance from other people by not claiming superiority in communication. He automatically reduces vigilance, and relieves stress and possible aggression towards him by people he interacts with by showing that he is not their competitor. With phenomenal authenticity this person is capable of acting out the role of an insignificant person, who is willing to be number two and does not claim anything. He can brilliantly pose as an open, sincere simpleton. By such self-presentation, he as if confuses a potential competitor or a possible opponent in advance by his unpretentiousness and disarms with his gentleness and modesty. Therefore, this man is extremely effective in the struggle for power in business or politics, as well as in any relationships. In reality, he is always ready to compete with an enemy, who is equal in strength.

Like all people, by striving for power and superiority, this person chooses an ingenious tactic to take-over power “on soft paws.” By his showy readiness to be on the sidelines, regularly diminishing his merits, calmly, non-aggressive, politely, and unobtrusive he reduces vigilance of his possible opponents very simply and extremely effectively. Without entering an open fight, he rather chooses the principle of aikido, in which (unlike karate) enemy’s own forces are used to win. He is capable of authentically presenting himself as a person without ambitions, a person with very modest needs and small-scale plans by saying something like: “You are the one with grand things to do. I just have minor stuff.” Or: “I’m just a little guy.” Masterfully presenting himself as a person, who is incapable of aiming high and joining the fight, the considered individual chooses the way of least resistance and he wins. He can be called a genius of trickery, who possesses a talent for intelligent use of military strategy principles. Seeking high social status that allows influence, aiming to become a patriarch, a leader, a chief and an irreplaceable person in his environment, he does not show his desire to dominate by his behavior, words or any actions. On the contrary, a man born on September 10th of leap years demonstrates to others that he prefers to stay in the shade regardless of his talents or merits. It is very rare that anyone thinks that in reality this humble “nice little man” seeks to monopolize anything in his hands and seeks to have actual power in any group.

With his indomitably despotic character and a clear tendency for criminal activities, he genially knows how to hide this behind a variety of popular social labels. For example, slogans like: “for kindness and beauty”, “for harmony and unity”, “for humanism and peace”, “for Motherland”, “for friendship and understanding”, “for humanity”, “for preservation of moral and ethical foundations,” etc. His unique ability to speak open-heartedly gives him a huge advantage: no one has doubts that he believes in ideas he proclaims, even though this is far from reality…”

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