Description Of Women Born On September 22nd Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on September 22nd of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on September 22nd of leap years makes the impression of a completely self-confident, independent, and self-sufficient person. A sense of wholeness literally emanates from her. It seems as though her psyche and physiology are fused, soldered together. It would not even come to mind of an observer that she might have some psychological problems. She looks dignified, even majestic. One could call her sublime since she is upbeat, permanently absorbed in passionate enthusiasm and has an excessively elevated tone of voice. If this is a young woman, then she is one of those, who always walks around with her nose up; in adulthood, of course, she learns to “make a simple face,” but a shade of arrogance still remains. Every time she appears in public it is more like the appearance of an empress (or some other dignitary) before the people. These events are characterized by special pathos, which makes her appearances similar to public performances of Benito Mussolini, the leader of the Italian National Fascist Party of the XX century. In principle, she not only presents herself like and empress, but also has a self-sentiment of an empress and looks at the world from the position of “Me and all the rest.” This position is traceable in her speech. Her speech patterns make it clear that everything and everyone, who go beyond these limits, by and large, really do not matter to her. All this is secondary to her to begin with. The following belong to phenomena of primary importance: she herself, her family, work, children, men, profession, and everything else that relates to her directly. Her path, studies, teachers, thanks to which she became who she thinks she became (the wisest of the wisest, the greatest of the greatest) are considered to be most important, priorities. The rest is rubbish, small things that mean nothing! Having such self-sentiment, this individual wants to have a place in society that is worthy of her. However, sometimes she has problems with this. Self-sentiment of a “queen” misleads her and she thinks that her mere unmatched appearance in the environment should cause delight, excitement, and a storm of ovations, while her projects and plans should make others want to assist her and do so with applause. She also thinks that the public will receive her with open arms and she will only have to climb onto the pedestal of glory, honor, respect, and “become a bronze statue!” However, in reality things turn out to be very different—it is necessary to fight your way through and no one besides you is usually interested in this. Due to these illusions, this person often fails. At the same time, excessive trustfulness constantly brings her troubles: she demands trust from others and tends to be inappropriately, unfoundedly trusting herself. The result of blind faith is that instead of expected results, solved problems, achievement of goals, and improvements in quality of life, she is often deceived and left with nothing. And, she had nothing left to do, but to cry and tell everyone that once again indecent people let her down, and has to resort to, so to speak, “living on bread and water.”

This woman tends to hyperbolize. In speech this can be expressed in phrases like: “I’m all…”, “The entire life …”, “The whole night…” A woman born on September 22nd of leap years certainly describes both positive and negative qualities, her own and other people’s states in the language of extremes. Her description of phenomena, events and opinions of other people’s actions are often presented in an exaggerated, hyperbolized way. For example, she can speak of a particular person immeasurably high or very pejoratively. In any case, all her opinions (evaluations) will always be inadequate. One of the peculiarities of this woman is that she has a tendency to express her respect, reverence toward someone or something very brightly. She is very excessive in these manifestations as well. Admiration is accompanied by loud sighs and excessive pathos. Her admiration for someone is so obvious that it shows immediately. Her sublime speech, which seems to consist only of exclamation marks, can be not only about some specific person, but also about religion, or, for example, be dedicated to the legacy of ancestors. In any case, this speech will be pathetic, passionate, with excitement and a hint of hysteria. This peculiarity makes her a “broken telephone,” a person, whom it does not make sense asking to tell about any kind of event because one will not be able to find out the truth, get the real picture from her. Even without being aware of it, this woman certainly will distort her story with exaggerations. As a result, a two-person gathering will turn into a crowd, one victim will become a massive loss of life and banal boredom will be presented as a real tragedy.

Considered individual differs in that she seriously depends on her emotional states. The emotional factor virtually regulates her entire life. For example, the strong emotion of fear sharpens her attention to the maximum (it is even possible to say that it absorbs her attention completely) and this woman as if takes a step to the side, assumes a waiting position and experiences nothing, but the desire to distance herself from the extreme situation, in which she found herself. A woman born on September 22nd of leap years begins to actively dream that everything would normalize and resolve itself. Also, she begins hoping that someone will help her. In such situations, she immediately starts searching for a shoulder to cry on. At the same time, she turns to her friends, as well as strangers, asking for support, using flattery and often abjectly…

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