Description Of Women Born On September 5th Of Leap Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on September 5th of leap years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on September 5th of leap years demonstrates pronounced feminine qualities. She embodies weakness, compliance, modesty, tenderness, softness, elegance, secrecy, and passivity up to inertia. This woman is very feminine in her appearance, activities, interests, reactions, thinking, reasoning, in the way she expresses her thoughts and emotions, in her behavioral strategies and tactics, in the way she walks, in her voice, gestures and postures. As a result, a concentrated female essence is felt in all manifestations of this individual. Since childhood this individual knows and understands how a girl (a young woman, a woman) must behave, what she should wear, how she should talk, walk, stand, sit and so on, as well as how she should not. These rules of behavior form and define her strategies, her worldview, in part become the rules of her life and in part her main tactics. Once she grows up, this person strives only for one thing: to turn the whole world into her female boudoir, in which she will remain so weak, defenseless, and pampered, but so beautiful, together with her bows, hairpins, tampons, favorite girlfriends, flowers and her kids. From this boudoir, utilizing the rights of a representative of the sex that is commonly called fair, she will command men, who are obligated to fully ensure her functioning in the mode of calmness, comfort, tenderness and complete idleness. This individual considers such plant life of a chrysanthemum (which needs to be watered and sprayed only because it is beautiful, delicate and fragrant with unthinkable aroma) the life of a real woman.

This woman demonstrates narcissism to the extreme. She is ready to admire herself all day every day. Moreover, she seriously expects that all other people (especially men) will also engage only in admiration of her beauty and fineness. Society serves her as if another mirror, in which she wants to see only herself. Тhe main things that interest her out of all phenomena of this vast world is self-presentation and its results in the form of non-stop attention and admiration by men. Naturally, a woman born on September 5th of leap years devotes all of her time and energy to looking well, even at the expense of all other affairs and interests. This woman is so concerned with her “outer shell” for one thing only: to have a marketable appearance and to use it to settle well in life. This individual builds her life on traditional women’s principles: I am weak and beautiful, so someone strong and mighty, who will take on all problems and worries must exist, while my business is to decorate this world. She will start decorating this world with herself. Aerobics, fruit for breakfast, vitamins, face and body masks, hairdo, full make-up, selection of clothing items, at the end of a bit of perfume and she is ready to go out. Her route will slightly differ depending on her family and social situation because the life of this woman changes dramatically once she gets married.

The first variant of future development of events will occur if this woman is not burdened with children or work. In this case, considered person can fit the definition of a “wild orchid.” In this case, this capricious greenhouse flower will follow her daily route: a fitness club, а tanning salon, a cosmetologist, a spa, a hair salon, etc. Maybe (if enough strength remains) she will also stop by a couple of boutiques to take a look around or buy something for herself. Once she arrives on a date with the next lucky one, this woman will collapse from exhaustion directly into his arms and say the sacramental: “I’m soooooo tired!” According to her scenario, then there must be a grand dinner in a posh restaurant with candles, during which she will sit like a queen, while her date entertains her, compliments her, kisses her hands and so on according to the program. However, this woman clearly understands that a beautiful courtship is good and pleasant, but only steady (and considerable) cash flow can ensure the life that she requires. Therefore, the second variant can be called a “pink panther” because in this case her functioning is somewhat different and hunting gets added to working hard on her physical perfection. Once a woman born on September 5th of leap years gets done with making sure that she has a marketable appearance, she goes in search of the man of her dreams. From her point of view, “the only one” can be different, but he must have the main parameter—he must be wealthy. Otherwise, as she understands, tomorrow there will be nothing to pay with for strawberries and whipped cream for breakfast, and nothing to pay with for her fitness club, manicure, pedicure and gas. It is unlikely that this woman will be ready to choose the career as a professional prostitute. She will not go out to gather dust on the streets because prostitution as a business is harmful to health and quickly leads to the loss of a presentable appearance. And that is the most undesirable thing that can happen to this person. From all sides, this woman is more comfortable with the role of a kept mistress of a rich man (or a few, but not so that they flash before her eyes, changing at the speed of frames in a video). Therefore, this woman has two objectives: to find a man and to keep him. She solves the first problem quite simply. She goes to places where “carps” of the desired size can be found. She thinks through options of where she can find people to whom she could advantageously sell herself…

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