May 2nd Birthday Club


May 2nd Birthday Club membership is available only to people born on May 2nd of Common Years or May 1st of Leap Years. May 2nd Birthday Club is part of the Same Birthday Club. It is a private club with the mission to provide a network for birth mates (soul mates).


FREE 1 month membership becomes effective immediately upon sign up and includes:

  1. Online networking and discussions for people with the same birthday (and therefore same interests) facilitated by a leader.
  2. Periodic live networking events for people with the same birthday facilitated by a leader. (Those unable attend in person have an opportunity to participate via Skype.)
  3. An opportunity to be admitted to the paid membership club.


Free Membership Sign Up*

*Currently, available to English or Russian speakers only. Membership for May 2nd born speakers of other languages will be available soon. If you would like to receive an invitation, please submit a form available here and we will email you when space becomes available


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