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Presentations and Lectures

We are available for:

  1. Guest speaking
  2. Free introductory presentations
  3. One-time or a series of live lectures/online webinars



15 minutes / 30 minutes / 1 hour / 1 hour series (2-50+ segments)


Topics (complete list of topics is available here):

Human Nature

- The Catalog Of Human Population (Souls): 293 Human Subtypes (1 lecture or series)

- Human Psyche: Psychoanalysis Without Appointments

- Artificial VS Natural Human Software: Images (Archetypes) & Psychophysiology

- “Image is the basis of all things.” Tao Te Ching: Definition Of An Image & Its Origin

- Human Psyche And Traditions Of The Indigenous Peoples Of The Americas

- Areas & Consequences Of Practical Application Of Catalog Of Human Population (Souls)

Manipulation and Self-Control

- Self-Control Tools

- Human Manipulation Tools and Ethics

- Society: Manipulators & Their Subjects


- Premature Aging: Causes And Solutions

- Human Body: Designed By Nature For A Healthy Life Of A Few Hundred Years


- General Range Of Problems Solved By The Use Of Catalog Of Human Population (Souls)

- Application Of The Catalog Of Human Population (Souls) For Businesses (General)

- Application Of The Catalog Of Human Population (Souls) In HR / Marketing / Management / Communications / Design / Education / Medicine / Or Any Other Field (1 lecture or series)

- Application Of The Catalog Of Human Population (Souls) For Groups

- Resolving An Interpersonal Problem Using The Catalog Of Human Population (Souls)


- Influence Of Psychophysiological Specifics Of A Leader On The Style Of Political Decision-Making

- Essence of Political Ideologies And Their Role In The Historical Process (Political History Of Russia.)

- Elitist Political Concepts

Parents & Children

- Children Are Not Direct Continuation of Their Parents

- Ancestors Heritage, Self-Image, And Reality

- AHNENERBE — Your Killer Is Under Your Skin

- Prevention Of Neglect & Offenses Of Minors

Gender Relations

- The Truth About Gender Relations Or How Men Fully Control Women (1 lecture or series)

- The Truth About Women: How Men Took Power Away From Women (1 lecture or series)