Description Of Women Born On December 30th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on December 30th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on December 30th of common years can be figuratively described as a cumulative projectile in a plush child’s backpack. She is like a biological weapon in a schoolchild’s pencil-case with kind, funny little animals and flowers painted on it. She can be called a genuine Baba Yaga (in the guise of Thumbelina), who invited Ivan Tsarevich for a visit, hocused him, tied him, and then started cutting him up piece by piece and frying the pieces right before his eyes…

This person makes an impression of a young woman, who has her head high up in the clouds. It seems that living among clouds turned her into an airy, light-weight cloud and like a balloon she lives easily, unpretentiously, without straining. In her life everything is illusory, temporary, everything is “for now”, “this time”; however, what and when exactly is really unclear. Even this woman’s appearance can be unserious; for example, appearance of a teenage girl, shy, with clumsy, angular, not yet conscious body movements, which do not yet have a feminine flow. She cannot do anything right, everything is out of place, clumsy, spontaneous. And, this spontaneity is against the background of a free, relaxed, pleasant state of mind. To an observer, her entire life seems like she is paying a visit. As if incidentally she carriers on a sweet, slow, non-obligating conversation about nature and weather, nobody is in a hurry, everything is peaceful and friendly. She does not claim veracity and certainly does not expect it from her interlocutor. She will drink wine at a party, play the guitar while singing something, recite a poem, joke gently and without malice… However, if it is necessary—she will quarrel, and if it is necessary to reconcile—she will make peace. And, she does all this in a lively way and with ease. Seemingly, she cannot even be stubborn for a long because of her laziness. Others say about people like her: “What a light-hearted person!” Due to these qualities, she is able to fit in with any group of people perfectly. With her entire appearance she as if calls to others: “Let’s bloom together!” One of the main principles of this woman is that she seeks not to strain and not to lose sleep over anything. This woman regards other people as distant relatives—her attitude towards them is civilized, polite and kind, but indifferent. Therefore, despite that communication with her is pleasant, fun and joyful—some distance is still felt. This distance is due to that she will not delve into other people’s problems and worry about other people’s business. A woman born on December 30th of common years is capable only of, so to speak, surface communication, just like she can be polite and peaceful only because she is too lazy to quarrel.

This woman seeks to live her entire life in faineance, uniquely and originally; like a snowflake, which is never the same. She is satisfied with, so to speak, a life of “thoughtless foam”: lack of financial problems, daily self-presentations, parties, receptions. In short, the very atmosphere of easy communication, in which, floating like a cloud, one day a person can be surprised to discover that life has passed! And, she is fine with this. The question is: how to make other people work for her in order to provide her idleness and comfort? This individual solves this problem regularly and very often successfully. A calm, sweet in communication, not requiring anything from anyone, unpretentious, clumsy and thick-headed, but good-natured and cheerful young woman is only a façade, behind which hides her essence of a ruthless sadist and a murderer—”dead water.” All qualities of this woman described above are just a cover, inside which is a clear-cut, powerful system and order—the system of destruction of all living things.

All those who, one way or another, belong to her circle of communication are actually in an environment that is destructive for them; an environment, in which it is very difficult to survive. This woman is Death, a walking toxic waste, a deadly poison, evil, bad luck. Her function in the environment is to harm others, to cause them damage at any scale—all the way up to physical death. She will feud, mock another person in the most perverse and ruthless way, cause emotional trauma and wounds, and eventually destroy the soul. It is a usual thing for her to drive to an impasse, to annoy, to disturb, to offend, offend, and to infringe. To outrage public opinion to the limit (all the way to insults), to trample all moral and ethical principles with an angelic smile, to plant discord, to smear someone’s good name with mud, to spoil someone’s reputation, to blackmail (while never keeping promises and always digging up dirt)—all this is normal for her. To spend someone else’s money, to ruin someone’s business, to bring to bankruptcy, to destroy, to bring one nearly to death or to actually kill, and then shamelessly display grieve—all this is a usual algorithm of her actions. And then, she will present herself deeply compassionate, display sorrow on her face, an ailing soul, and pathetically state that her soul is all wounded. A woman born on December 30th of common years can present herself as inconsolably grieving due to sufferings of another. Sad, with low spirits, grieving, crushed, suffering—all this is a part of her usual trick to ensure that no one ever suspects that she did all this with her own hands. All of this combined is her normal everyday life. A perfect realization of her plan is to prolong the agony of her victim as much as possible, to seize all material values and to kill…”

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