Description Of Women Born On January 8th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on January 8th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“The character of a woman born on January 8th of common years strongly resembles female character types from Soviet films made between 1930s and 1950s, who were played by Lyubov Orlova, Lyudmila Tselikovskaya, Marina Ladynina, Valentina Serova and other actresses of that period: sincere, kind, open, joyful, optimistic women, who, of course, wholeheartedly believe in a bright future! Although in our time these heroines appear somewhat naïve and their smiles more remind of joy of oligophrenic nature—their appeal and attractiveness do not suffer! How can one not have sympathy for them: they are cheerful gigglers, endearing, amusing, and naughty! This woman too is a romantic dreamer, very prominent, bright in her feminine openness. Openness, which perhaps is not so typical in modern women, who mostly show off, pose, while carefully camouflaging their true face, their true essence. However, this woman, in the spirit of almost forgotten Komsomol times, is all plainly visible: “Her soul lies wide open before us!” She likes everything around her to be light, fun, with jokes, songs and dances. Being very artistic, she loves naughty genres such as drawings with prizes, skits by students, and funny and inventive competitions between teams. However, she jokes and plays with those around her in a very friendly way—she makes fun of people and jokes with them in such a way that it is simply impossible to take offense! She even cocks her nose and insists in a perky manner. Warm (sometimes even openly hot), joyful, optimistic, radiant, and glowing, she is one of those people who others often call “Sunshine.” Indeed, with her strength, positive emanations she as if seeks to give people warmth like the sun. She has a creative, active, sparkling nature. Therefore, when looking at her, one might feel like saying: “She is not a woman, but a meteor!” As befits a major “luminary,” she presents herself as a bright, striking, memorable person, who attracts people like a huge radiant star that is endowed with incredible energy, stunning, attractive force. A woman born on January 8th of common years not only looks like that, she lives based on the principle, which was well expressed by revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky: “Always to shine, to shine everywhere, to the very deeps of the last days, to shine—and to hell with everything else! That is my motto—and the sun’s!”

In her recklessness and tendency for epatage, this person looks like one of those charming barbarians in a skirt, who win people’s hearts with their primordial, primeval force, expression, and straightforwardness. However, one should not forget that while she is achieving recognition as “one of us,” this woman does not want to be one of many elements of the gray mass. On the contrary, she strives to stand out, to be original and unique! And, joyful barbaric behavior actually helps her achieve this! For example, she can get totally drunk together with others; engage in debauch, sometimes even physical abuse on her part; scoff; crack indecent jokes; tell incredible stories, inventing them on the go. And, she absolutely does not care that she looks like a complete goosey! Another good tool to achieve her objectives is her ability to transform, completely change her appearance. The general direction is only one—to attract attention at any cost. However, on the one hand, this is advantageous to her as a participant of her own show, but on the other hand, this can lead her to a mental disorder. In the first case, it may be extravagance on the verge of insanity that many stars have; in the latter case it can be a complete destruction of that communal niche, to which this person belongs (family, co-workers, etc.), when everything crumbles from her actions and ends in a complete failure, collapse. In yet another case, insanity can serve as an effective method for making original, non-standard decisions in situations when this person works at an emergency management agency, or as a doctor as part of ambulance crew, or is involved in localization of various social cataclysms. In this case, the use of “insanity” can be expressed in extravagant, non-standard actions, which often help to resolve difficult situations. If one day a woman born on January 8th of common years begins to consciously use her qualities and control her passions, she can become a true individual, worthy of status of a leader…”

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