Description Of Women Born On June 10th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 10th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“The entire life of this individual (development of her abilities, self-realization, social status, professional activities and the level of achievements) directly depends on the environment. The range of her realization is quite wide: from a shoemaker at a factory to a Hollywood star; from a poorly educated woman, who works as a janitor, to a very intelligent lady. A woman born on June 10th of common years has the ability to become a talented writer, a theater critic, or an art historian. In the case of this person it is possible to say that with equal success this woman can realize herself as a talented, outstanding creative individual, as well as an illiterate laborer, who successfully performs the same operation at a factory assembly line from day to day.

As already mentioned, who this person becomes depends on the environment, but what exactly this environment will be—that depends largely on her. Therefore, this dependency is not fatal. This woman always reserves the right to make the final choice. Since childhood she already has her own opinion, her personal view on everything that happens around her. Having the ability to insincerely accept the pressure or demands of people who are older than she is, in the end she will certainly do things her own way. Once she reaches the age that is commonly considered the beginning of adult life, she will choose the direction herself and begin to move in that direction. At the same time, other people’s opinions regarding her choice might get rejected quite sharply or might get quietly ignored without a dispute. She considers the selected path to be the most correct one. However, this woman does not like to bother herself with pre-calculations of various options for actions and their possible consequences, as well as calculation of her own abilities. Reasonableness gets replaced by bold experiments, and for this reason most of her actions can be classified as frivolous, ill-conceived, and conclusions that she bases on existing experience might have nothing to do with a situation. Such actions remain simply a process, a perpetual motion in space. Her entire life she can remain “a rose in a fisherman’s ice hole” and literally get hung up on her own fantasies.

Having a tendency to build castles in the sky, she often tries to “live” in one of them. During such selection process, she often does not know in which “castle” to live, what to give her preference to, what to join. She might rush about jumping from one activity to another, stop halfway and leave things unfinished and problems unresolved. As a result, a woman born on June 10th of common years falls into a hysterical despondency: “Oh, my life is broken!” She severely suffers from impossibility to self-realize and discrepancy between her natural abilities and ambitions with her existing social status and quality of life.

However, we must give credit to this woman. She is always looking for strengths, dignities or hidden abilities within herself, which would allow her to be cardinally different from everyone around her—family, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even more so competitors. Moreover, she seeks to surpass others and to have advantages over them. She needs all this in order to get public recognition, to take a leading, dominant position. Once she gets recognition and a leading position, she achieves her main goal—to fulfill the function of a mentor, a role model, a leader. However, usually her way to achievement of true excellence is hindered by her belief that she is better than others, the first among all, knows everything and is always right about everything. In fact, having potential abilities, she still needs to activate and realize them. At the same time, having the ability to be satisfied by castles in the sky (which she builds in her imagination), together with self-sentiment of a know-it-all—she might never get around to realization of her abilities. However, her natural desire to arrange a rhythmic life on a schedule, as well as her ability to act by analogy with people (whom she chooses for herself as a model) might rescue her. It should be noted that her fate also depends on the kind of atmosphere that she provides for herself. There is a saying: “Books that you read today are actions that you will carry out tomorrow.” This saying first of all is about her. Figuratively speaking, in a sense this woman is in a position of a fish that has to create an aquarium, in which it will swim for herself. A person, a group, fields of ​​work and study can affect her greatly. A woman born on June 10th of common years has to assemble the mosaic of her personality by using and imitating objects from the “water” environment. And, there can be a lot of objects…”

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