Description Of Women Born On June 14th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 14th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on June 14th of common years sees one of her main life tasks in that she is obligated to protect, defend, and cover up everyone and everything. She seeks to support, help, and patronize someone. She positions herself as extremely caring, constantly troubled with how to solve other people’s problems. This woman has a bunch of her own problems too, but the emphasis is always on that other people’s problems are more important to her. Even though she herself is regularly in search of helpers, supporters, on whom she can rely and who could support her, she has a prevalent desire to be a benefactor, to take care of someone. In principle, the main thing for her is not in whether she cares for someone or someone takes cares for her—it is more important to be in the endless process of cares and concerns.

At the same time, cares and bustles are her strategy and tactics, the general line of her life. When observing this constantly preoccupied, bustling woman one might think only one thing: this is not a person, but rather some “restless housekeeping” that does not cease to function neither on weekends nor on holidays! This woman is worried about everything: from caring for her husband, children, and relatives, worrying about career, neighbors, health, friends, students, master’s thesis, a country house, and a cat to “higher matters,” so to speak. The latter category includes her declared concern about her own soul and “salvation from eternal damnation.” The two most actively used phrases in her lexicon are: “It is necessary to take care of (think about)…” and “It is necessary to do…” In essence, these two rods are one and all her other thoughts that occur throughout the day (unexpressed ones too), as well as actions get strung on them. Oftentimes surrounding people hear something like this from her: “I urgently need to call John (Mary, Bob, and so on)…” or “English lessons (repairs, shopping, completion of a doctor of philosophy degree, taking out the trash, planting of strawberries) are long overdue, it is time or it will be too late…”; “Today it is necessary to finish the report (cleaning, paper, sketch)…”; “I urgently need to send children to summer camp (to vaccinate my cat against fleas, to test the level of sugar in my blood, to give a piece of cake to my neighbor, to help a friend tailor her dress, to buy some socks for my husband, and so on)…”; “It would be good to take yoga classes (take care of this rebel, work on her German pronunciation, solve a problem, go to the gym)…”; “There is an urgent need to hammer this nail (paint the ceiling, finish a project)…” And, it does not matter what it is that she will eventually choose to do—quite possibly she will choose nothing from the declared or start doing everything at once. After all, her life is a one global, never ending process of working-caring, so to speak. It is also unimportant whether or not this process will end with a result or results. The image of a “business person”(on which she insists) gets transformed into the role of a bustling, always busy girl and nothing more since the normal course of any activity that has a beginning and an end is not present in her case!

A woman born on June 14th of common years belongs to the category of those people, who love aimless and fruitless activities. The only motive for fussy actions of this woman is to “get everything done,” and it does not matter whether there will be any results or not. At the same time everything can be tried out during this process: a bunch of different options, approaches, techniques, and methods of actions. Gaining too much experience also seems attractive to her and serves as a great replacement for goals and their attainment. In short, this woman is a typical “person of process.”

There is an interesting peculiarity: as a rule, all active life of this woman is accompanied by a continuous out loud expression of her thoughts, which race through her mind at the speed of light—she is constantly mumbling something to herself. Of course, she tries to somehow slow down these so-called “thought-horses;” at least in order to try to think them through to the end, to somehow fixate them in her mind, but she is not able to do this. And, when people ask her the same question over and over again (“To whom are you saying all this?”), she replies: “Oh, no. It’s not meant for you. I’m just talking to myself.”

This woman can be compared to an echo because her other distinctive peculiarity is in that she acts as a kind of an echo. This is due to her desire to be connected to something or someone. For example, she is quite happy to be a wife for her husband, to have a boss, and so on. A woman born on June 14th of common years is not one of those people, who are eager to dominate, want to be a leader, or hold a “top” position…”

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