Description Of Women Born On June 23rd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 23rd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on June 23rd of common years continuously remains in a state of chaos. Her intellect has a set tendency to repeat multiple attempts to go beyond the civilized way of thinking with its structuredness of information, and this allows her to qualitatively create chaos both within herself and on the outside. Total chaos inherent in this woman is caused primarily by that she has a general tendency to run in all directions at once. Since this is impossible by definition, the only thing that this woman succeeds in is functioning unsystematically, chaotically and rushing from one thing to another. Apparently, the ancient were right by stating: “Nusquam est qui ubique est” (“Who is everywhere is nowhere.”).

This woman is a carrier of chaotic energies. She constantly tries to spread them to the largest possible area of space and time: to people, situations, objects, and processes. Being a person of chaos and disorder, she wants to bring the outside world (macrocosm) to a common denominator with her chaotic inner world (microcosm). This woman makes attempts of such equating by unbalancing any systems with which she comes into contact. Gradually and after some time this imbalance begins to destroy any system; for this reason, the carrier of such function can be defined as a destroyer, who acts through artificial creation of deconstruction, disorder, distempers, obstacles, and confusion.

At first glance she can be described as “a walking problem.” And, like the famous shampoo “Head-and-Shoulders – 2 in 1,” she as if performs two functions at once; though unlike the shampoo they are multi-directional (meaning that she is both a creator of problems and a fierce fighter with them). However, she only demonstrates the second function, does it only for show. On the one hand, this person constantly complains that she has nowhere to hide from problems. A woman born on June 23rd of common years complains that once she resolves one problem—another one appears in her life right away, followed by a third one, and so on to infinity. On the other hand, one can observe that for the most part she finds and thinks up problems herself. Moreover, she does everything to ensure that this process never ends. At least if one takes a closer look at her activities (actions, decisions) it will be possible to make quite a definite conclusion that this person is absolutely not interested in having a single day without problems for herself and people around her.

Both processes must be present in her life without interruptions—problems must always exist in order to solve them forever. This woman simply does not understand what she would do if she did not have to solve problems. For this reason, she is happy with such life on all parameters as there is always something to do, life is not boring. She absolutely does not understand those people, who for whatever reason do not want to participate in her process of creating and overcoming various problems, do not want this kind of occupation or entertainment in their lives. Usually this woman does not understand such people and they irritate her. In this case, one way or another, this person will take steps to “fix” this situation and at this point her function of a destroyer will manifest fully. She is a constant generator of problems for other people. Being in a constant interaction with someone at work, with someone among her family and friends—she always somehow engages someone in her problem. She herself might not notice or might not be aware of that she does this, but it happens. She will certainly create various options for involving others in her process of creating-resolving problems, or she will create individual variants for them to ensure that “their lives are not peachy.”

Also, this woman solves the task of spreading chaos by involving other people in her chaotic life processes. With all her might she strives to somehow confuse, shake people up and engage them in something that is unnecessary, empty from the start. That is, she tries to destroy a person as a system on all factors by involving him or her in her personal problems.

This woman can put the intellect of her interlocutor in the same chaotic state as her own intellectual sphere. Moreover, a woman born on June 23rd of common years seeks to achieve this by all means. In this process, methods and tools can be different. However, there is a single goal: to fully disorient a partner and intellectually “suspend” him by filling his skull from the inside with the state of chaos. First, she brings a person to an unbalanced state, swings him or her like a doll. In order to do this, she overloads her opponent with information, which she supplies in a chaotic manner. She complements all this by a conversation in a “question- answer” mode in order to shake him or her up and force to answer questions. This mode is not only quite acceptable to this woman, but also desirable because she reacts very fast. Another thing is that this might turn out to be very uncomfortable for her interlocutor. In addition, she can change emotions during a conversation very quickly—first she speaks with anger, then with joy, then calmly and indifferently, then angrily again. By such actions this woman as if shakes up the intellectual and the emotional spheres of her interlocutor…”

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