Description Of Women Born On June 7th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on June 7th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on June 7th of common years is very flexible and this quality manifests in all the factors. In the intellectual factor she can react flexibly to manifestations of her opponents, and in the environmental factor she can flexibly adjust to any life situations and circumstances. Even though she is very set on her own position it does not affect the quality of flexibility when she considers other people’s points of view. Special qualities help this woman demonstrate flexibility when adjusting to a changing situation: firstly, she seeks to capture the essence always and everywhere, and, secondly, she knows how to look at a situation or a subject from the position of an external, outside observer. In order to get the complete picture, to understand what is happening correctly this woman has the ability to distance herself for a while and look at a situation from above, from the side, from a distance with complete detachment; considered person as if stands still for some time and with calmness of a Sphinx observes ongoing processes. Under such circumstances she is somewhat reminiscent of a doctor, who is conducting the initial examination of a patient: very polite, impartial, with a faraway look, listening closely, asking questions, and observing in order to diagnose the disease and determine treatment tactics. When analyzing a situation this woman is always very interested in the question of time: when did it happen? This abstraction and calm, thoughtful observation help her understand the essence of what attracted her attention, be it a subject of study or some interest, and having understood it she flexibly adjusts to the situation, subject or circumstances.

However, flexibility as a personal quality does not mean that this person is spineless. On the contrary, her inner core is very strong; it is so strong that under pressure it allows her not to break, but to bend. Being able to resist very well, this woman firmly stands her ground. She is ready to defend her opinion, her point of view; she is capable of challenging someone else’s opinion very energetically and with arguments. During any attempts to influence her too roughly she gives a decisive rebuff, and she is capable of “whipping with words” very strongly, as she has a very sharp tongue. By nature a woman born on June 7th of common years is very independent and defends her independence. In this sense she is untameable like a cat that always walks by itself.

This woman is a born leader, chief, head, initiator, and instigator. She has a peculiarity: she always pre-calculates her actions; like where to lead the troops. Therefore, for her intellect occupies the primary place. It is possible to say that for her intellect is king and god. This lady makes clear emphasis on her head, her intellectual skills and abilities, and tries to develop them to the maximum. For this, she does not save time and efforts—she is ready to work hard and study assiduously. At any age, it is not ashamed to admit that there are still things she does not know and does not understand. She is not ashamed to ask knowledgeable people questions and is always ready to sit behind a desk and become a student, as if saying: “I’m ready to learn, teach me!” She has a peculiarity: when it is necessary to develop new knowledge and skills she is capable of making an impressive leap forward in their acquisition at the shortest possible time by the means of hard work (and sometimes inhuman efforts). As a child she might show great potential and even be considered a child prodigy.

Really having many potential talents, this woman is inclined to appreciate talent itself. In this sense, all of her activities and her sphere of communication are subject to one rule—they must bring pleasure, be interesting and directed at further personal development, while the people must be unusual, extraordinary and talented in something. This woman considers talent the guiding star of a person, which he or she must follow. A woman born on June 7th of common years thinks that on the way to realization of abilities implanted in a person by nature there can be many difficulties, setbacks and sorrows, but hardships and failures must not make one stray from the path directed at self-realization, self-development and maximum self-actualization. This woman considers fulfillment of destiny the main task of each person and has great respect for people who achieved something in their lives through self-realization…”

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