Description Of Women Born On October 12th Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population

Presented demo is a very short description of women born on October 12th of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“A woman born on October 12th of common years is from the category of socialized people; that is—those, for whom company of their own kind really is an important part of life. In this woman’s case, there is presence of a circle of acquaintances, a life arranged in a certain way, certain views and philosophy. A peculiarity is that this woman thinks that her personal worldview system must necessarily apply to everyone; meaning that all people must live like she lives. And, in fact, she thinks that that is how they live. And if they do not, then this individual tends to approach other’s philosophy, opinions and conceptions as systems, which must be corrected or changed. Changing life as a principle is inherent in this woman, and she makes this a reality by altering life credos of both separate individuals and entire social systems. Moreover, if subjects for such transformations are not appearing themselves, then this woman runs in search of them. Or she might start the process of remaking her own life; however, in this case a characteristic peculiarity should be noted: she will never change something in herself or in something related to her immediately and dramatically. For this individual, all changes related to anything—worldview, attitudes, habits, way of life, etc.—always happen gradually, step-by-step and quite slowly.

The thing is that one of the characteristic peculiarities of this person is that she builds her entire life on the worldview (ideological) foundation that she got in her childhood: in day care, in kindergarten, in school, but above all—from her parents. The very material that her parents have put in her head becomes the ideological base, and that is what she will stand on and use as guidance the rest of her life. In the case of this woman, the influence of upbringing is so strong and the results are so lasting that it is impossible to dramatically and drastically change her existing views, habits, and convictions or even more so—to break them at once. In this sense she is absolutely unbreakable: “This is what I was taught”, “This is what I know”, “I was brought up this way.”

Fundamental changes are possible only in one case: if she herself, consciously, by the means of painstaking work on herself will want to change something in herself. In the case of a woman born on October 12th of common years, changing herself is a conscious process of overcoming imposed perceptions, opinions, clichés, and ways to act, which were imposed on her back when she was a child and an adolescent. Step-by-step, slowly but steadily, with purposeful hard work on herself, this woman is capable of overcoming any difficulties related to reconsidering certain points of her worldview required for internal and external changes. Desire for self-perfection, which is inherent in her by nature, can help in the process mentioned above.

Another peculiarity of this woman is that she lives based on the principle of an old saying: “A person is born in the place he’s fitted for.” She remains wherever she was born and grew up, and thinks that there is her rightful place under the sun. She thinks that since this is her homeland, then why would she relocate in order to realize some of her qualities? Why go anywhere? Just do your household duties, attend to your vegetable garden, accumulate goods (for example, in the form of countless jars of canned vegetables, fruit or jam), go to work and all will be well. As for her professional work, this woman may well be some research fellow, who gets up early in the morning every day (which, in principle, is not for her because she is a person, who mainly leads an evening-night kind of life) and goes to work. And, this goes on day after day, year after year, decade after decade; the same workplace, the same colleagues. And, she faithfully follows traditions of the chosen research field. In addition, she thinks that sooner or later she will be able to make some career and become a kind on an outstanding scientist. And, who cares if it all happens not in Oxford, not in the Silicon Valley or in Moscow, but, let’s say, in a small, godforsaken town? So what? And, if fate was not too favorable and this woman did not get a good upbringing and education, then after all it is possible to join some local Airborne forces or become a matron in a women’s prison. Why not? Some people live like that and all seems to be fine. She thinks that living quietly and peacefully is already not bad. The main thing is that everyone is healthy and lives in prosperity or even better—in abundance.

This person is from the category of those people, who are commonly called “hoarders of money” because their entire lives they hoard, save up, stash away, and put aside. It is the same with this person: she constantly collects, accumulates something. And, this process occurs on all factors. In the intellectual factor, this individual stocks up on information, ideas, informational materials, and with that fills up her memory literally to the max. In the nutritional factor, she creates a huge amount of food reserves due to which her refrigerator or refrigerators literally burst. A woman born on October 12th of common years has many cabinets and an even greater number of various jars and boxes, in which she puts the goods. By the way, such actions can be motivated in various ways: “Just in case” or “For a rainy day,” as well as by that one day all accumulated, supposedly, will be inherited by her children or maybe by future generations. In the environmental factor, she drags a huge among of a variety of objects into the house, creating heaps and piles. (And, actually, this is a person, who loves to have free space inside her home!) She manages to accumulate even some unnecessary and frankly really old things…”

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