Description Of Men Born On September 22nd Of Common Years From The Catalog Of Human Population


Presented demo is a very short description of men born on September 22nd of common years from the Catalog of human population. An example of a complete description is available here. Pricing is available here.


“Life algorithms of a man born on September 22nd of common years  are based on simplicity and naturalness. Simplicity gets expressed absolutely in everything: thinking, nutrition, appearance and so on. Often he might look like a kind of village fool: countrylike clothes, sturdy, burly, with rosy cheeks or even a crimson face (typical for rural areas). And really, what else can one think about a person, for whom it is quite natural to put on a nice expensive jacket together with jeans, sneakers and a shabby cap? The way he dresses, his appearance makes others suspect that he just arrived from some province. And, he can make the impression of a person “from the plough-tail” even if he lives in a city. He looks simple and unpretentious even if he is a very influential person. He will look like an “uncouth blockhead” even if he is highly educated, cultured, and very far from simple village life. And, despite that he acts quite purposefully in terms of fighting with this image—he is not very successful at it. Periodically people around him hint at that he should dress a little differently: have a certain style and ensure that clothes are in line with his social status, but … in vain! This man seems to agree, but either he does not succeed in practical attempts at all or some small detail, which absolutely does not fit into the overall style, somehow remains in his appearance. Either way, any constructive changes are too minor and fleeting. Yes, he tries to somehow culture, treat, revise himself and bring himself, his qualities, and his life to some more or less civilized state. However, the only thing he is capable of doing is to begin the process, but then everything is back “to square one.” And, in this case it has nothing to do with lack of funds or even absence of taste. This is simply how he lives. Even if someone will dress him up in new and expensive clothes and do his hair—he will anyway continue to wipe his nose with his sleeve, even if this sleeve is on some super expensive suit. The thing is that these “oversights” are the absolute norm for this person. It is just that his style is complete absence of style. His lifestyle in the environment (for example, at home) is very simple. Sometimes it seems that he just got back from somewhere and did not even have time to unpack. He is simple with his parents as well—regularly behaves like a child, as if he never grew up: acts in a spoiled, capricious, stubborn way…

The simplicity of a man born on September 22nd of common years is also expressed in that he considers all and everything to be the natural order of things. This quality leads to that he is tolerant of everything that is happening around him (for example, manifestations of others). He perceives any actions of others with absolute calmness and accepts them as matters of course. Consequently, he calmly accepts any personal views and rules set according to someone’s personal standards. Mentally this person accepts all information that comes from the outside and, in principle, does not reject anything. However, in connection with this, advanced and quite productive ideas often coexist in his head with frankly primitive and even delusional ones. For example, astronomers have long proven that planet Earth is round, but in his opinion this fact can easily coexist with a supposition that our planet is something like a huge pizza. Since, from his point of view, all that is around us has a right to exist in that form, in which it is presented. However, this does not mean that he does not have his own position and personal opinion. On the contrary! He not only has an opinion, but also differs in that it is rather difficult to influence decisions that he already made. Considered person is very independent. He has a clear orientation and, so to speak, does not confuse north and south. Despite his simplicity, this person is very real: lively, thinks quite soberly, quite pragmatic, thorough, and, so to speak, has both feet on the ground.

This person seeks to be in harmony with the world: tries not to offend and annoy other people, does not disagree for nothing and certainly does not try to re-educate anyone. His tolerance, simple appearance, diligence and readiness to do something make him very attractive to others. Also, he knows how to make an impression on both men and women—he can be extraordinarily heartwarming. By nature considered person is not greedy, but rather the opposite—hospitable. He has a desire to bestow benefits, to shower with favors everyone around him. For example, he will help those people, who need help as much as he can. Naturally, with the growth of his income and as his financial situation improves—the volume of his good deeds will grow as well. Therefore, if he is a wealthy man, then it is possible to expect charity, sponsorship from him on a large scale. And, so what if he is not particularly stylish and refined in appearance and habits. He does not seek to be: “We’re not looking to be aristocrats. The main thing is to be healthy!” What is more important to others is his benevolence, his complaisance, his desire to ensure that interactions with other people go smoothly and without incidents. Another one of his qualities is that he knows how to create a very pleasant atmosphere in a social environment simply by his presence. Due to these and many other reasons, people gladly come into contact with him. A man born on September 22nd of common years loves to communicate, seeks to co-operate, knows how to work in a team, and so he easily acquires a large number of acquaintances. Sooner or later he will have a lot of telephone numbers, addresses and so on. However, being a pragmatic person, he is well aware that pleasant communications lead to collaborative projects in prospective. And, he thinks that it is good when communication with someone is not empty. This is a person of mutual responsibility, he clearly understand who around him is capable of what and what can be expected from people he knows. Therefore, it can be said that he does not simply collect contacts: there are certain categories in his “collection” and each person whom he meets imprints in his brain as the bearer of certain abilities. In other words, sure he is a simpleton, but among his acquaintances, which are present in his contact list of fools, there are practically no worthless people…”

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