Scientists discovered that the great Leonardo da Vinci was correct in his assumptions—humans ARE bio-robots. Every person gets a program at birth. No human is able to deviate from this individual program. Anybody can be manipulated by the use of certain set programs. The question, “What is the soul?” has been answered. The soul has been found and is described in the CATALOG OF HUMAN POPULATION (CHP). Archeological excavations by students of deep psychology—the search of the human soul—can now be considered complete. It was found that all programs have been recorded on a monument dating back to the 20th century BC.

In 1975, decryption of this ancient manuscript began. The compilation of the full Catalog is almost complete. We, people who are described in the Catalog, now have the opportunity to stop asking ourselves questions like, “Who am I?”, “Why am I?’, and “What is my purpose?” Every subtype structure is described based on six factors. In the description of each subtype structure there is complete information on how to use one’s abilities to the fullest. By studying one’s own subtype program and manipulation modes, one can protect himself from all unpleasant provocations from the outside. The psyche is an archetypal matrix. Immeasurably ancient is the origin of psyche, fundamental to the mind in the same way that the mammalian physiology is fundamental to the structure of human body. People’s children look alike. If cats have kittens, and humming-birds have humming-birds—people can have anyone.

The Catalog does not discriminate. Today’s humans absolutely groundlessly call themselves homo sapiens, when they are simply Homo erectus; to become a Homo sapien, one must study. The Catalog has been created like a project’s documentation. Homo erectus have been created on the basis of this Catalog. The Catalog is not a foundation of any religion—it was created before the earliest religion came into existence. Based on the Catalog, it is possible to state that Homo erectus is a form that has the potential to develop into Homo sapien. It does not matter what a civilization thinks about the Catalog—that does not prevent it from existing absolutely independently.

Free demo videos and texts are an opportunity to test the functional application of the Catalog. Human Population Academy invites its audience to decide for themselves: does the Catalog of human population exist or not? Human Population Academy readily provides information on our website and to mass media, so that this question can be answered for one’s self.

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Kate Bazilevsky, Director

Human Population Academy


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